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Dire Straits: Mark Knopfler reveals to Brian Johnson who the “Sultans of Swing” are
During participation in Brian Johnson’s (AC / DC) “Life on the Road” program, guitarist and vocalist Mark Knopfler spoke about Dire Straits’ biggest hit, the song that catapulted the band to fame and stardom, “Sultans of Swing “, released on the 1978 debut album. “‘Sultans of Swing’ actually happened in
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If you consider who is on the list of “Pioneering bands of hard sounds” you cannot help wondering what the Scandinavians mix into their mother´s milk, but the musicians from the north of Europe seemingly occupy two-thirds off this ranking. And also DYNAZTY from Stockholm is no exception. Today the
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Dark pleasure with Dynazta
The Swedish quintet Dynazta, totally the most clichéd of all the “powerphile” bands in the world, which for the last few years have been covering all those rough-looking “shots” that clench their fists and put their fingers in a menacing gesture as soon as they see someone with a long
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