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Physics meets democracy in this modeling study
A new paper explores how the opinions of an electorate may be reflected in a mathematical model ‘inspired by models of simple magnetic systems’. A study leverages concepts from physics to model how campaign strategies influence the opinions of an electorate in a two-party system. A study in the journal Physica
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A universal equation for the shape of an egg
Researchers have discovered a universal mathematical formula that can describe any bird’s egg existing in nature — a significant step in understanding not only the egg shape itself, but also how and why it evolved, thus making widespread biological and technological applications possible. Researchers from the University of Kent, the
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NASA fails to prevent deadly asteroid collision with Earth
In a mere academic exercise, a team of NASA researchers was confronted with the likelihood that an asteroid would appear on a collision course with our planet and was unable to avoid the impact. We would have to endure the collision, ”said Lindley Johnson, NASA’s Planetary Defense Officer. The expert
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NASA produced oxygen on Mars
The United States of America could become the first country to produce oxygen on another planet. According to NASA, a device installed on the Perseverance robot vehicle was able to produce about five grams of oxygen on Mars, enough for an astronaut to breathe for 10 minutes. The device, called
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Mars is not dead, there have been two ‘considerable earthquakes’
Mars is still an immensely unknown planet, despite having been populated by human machines for several years. Its arid appearance suggests a finished world, it was once rich in essential resources for life. However, NASA announced that InSight, which analyzes Martian geological activity, recently recorded “two strong and clear earthquakes”.
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Astronomers detect X-rays from Uranus
Using NASA’s Chandra X-ray Observatory, astronomers detected X-rays from Uranus, revealing a previously unknown dimension of this majestic ice giant. The new discovery, published in JGR: Physics, means that X-ray emissions have been detected on all planets in the solar system except Neptune. In addition, the study may yield new
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Perseverance found a strange rock on Mars
NASA now has highly technological equipment on the ground of Mars with more mobility and, above all, with “other eyes”. After the Perseverance rover landed successfully on Mars last February, the machine has been testing its devices, but without losing focus on what got it there. Soon he will drop
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Astronomers discover planet without a star roaming the Milky Way
This world must be smaller than the Earth and travels through the Milky Way without orbiting any stars. Its mass is between Earth and Mars. Astronomers have discovered a small exoplanet roaming the Milky Way, without orbiting any stars. This appears to be one of the smallest planets discovered, with
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Milky way may well be a “sea” of Earth-like planets
Judging by the findings of a new study, planets like Earth have had water since its inception. The discovery drops “crashing” encounters with meteorites and raises the possibility that the Milky Way is full of other “Earths”. The scientific community has been searching for extraterrestrial life for a long time,
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Perseverance has been on Mars for a month and this is what it has discovered so far
NASA’s Perseverance robot landed on the surface of Mars on February 18 to collect samples of soil and other elements on the planet. Almost a month later, the robot already has news to tell: the analysis of the rocks found so far indicates that they may have been altered by
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