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Argentine President visiting Portugal has little decision-making power
Analysts consider that the Argentine President, who arrives in Lisbon today, is politically weakened, without popular support and without exercising real power in his country, a far cry from Alberto Fernández, who, as a candidate, visited Portugal in 2019. “The current Alberto Fernández, compared to the one who visited Portugal
Scotland prepares to debate independence after nationalists win
Boris Johnson calls for crisis negotiations over Scotland and Nicola Sturgeon warns against blocking “people’s will” British Prime Minister Boris Johnson invited SNP leader and Scottish Prime Minister Nicola Sturgeon to discuss Scotland’s future. Although Scottish independence workers lost a seat in the Scottish parliamentary elections, the end result of
Former President of Maldives in “critical condition” after “terrorist” attack
Maldivian police said on Friday that the explosion that injured former President Mohamed Nasheed, in “critical condition”, and four others, including a British citizen, was a terrorist act and is trying to identify four alleged perpetrators. Nasheed, 53, was injured in the explosion outside his home on Thursday night when
Argentina raises more than $ 2 billion in taxes on wealth
Argentina raised more than $ 2 billion with an extraordinary tax on wealth, paid by 80% of the people affected by this tax to pay for spending on the coronavirus pandemic, the government said on Monday (3). The collection with this tax, promoted by the government of the center-left president
Doctor Afridi Considered a hero in the United States, but criticized as a traitor in Pakistan
Considered a hero in the United States, but criticized as a traitor in Pakistan, Dr. Shakeel Afridi paid a heavy price for his role in the death of Osama Bin Laden. Ten years later, his suffering is far from over. In organizing a fake hepatitis vaccination campaign, this Pakistani doctor
Ten years after bin Laden’s death, al-Qaeda is alive and promises “war”
With Zawahiri in charge, he turned to franchise – from Yemen to Somalia, through North Africa. But experts say it is too early to make an “obituary” for the group. “Bin Laden is dead and Al-Qaeda has been weakened in Afghanistan. The time has come to end the endless war,”
Afghan spy chief claims arresting 407 Daesh militants
Defense Ministry says security forces during clean-up operations kill 135 Taliban and injure 92 others in the past 24 hours. Afghan officials claimed on Tuesday that security forces have recently arrested 407 Daesh terrorists from 14 countries, including Pakistan, Turkey, and Iran. Ahmad Zia Siraj, head of the National Directorate
Roadside bomb targets US coalition convoy in Iraq
A roadside bomb in southern Iraq’s Al-Diwaniya province targeted yesterday a convoy carrying logistical equipment for US-led anti-Daesh coalition forces in the country, Anadolu Agency said. An unidentified police captain is said to have said that the explosion caused “minor material damage” to one of the vehicles, without causing any
Turkey’s vast military operation against PKK positions in Iraq
Turkish fighter planes continued today to bombard Kurdish guerrilla bases in northern Iraq with “search and clean up” operations by ground commands, while the arrests of pro-Kurdish activists by Baghdad authorities continued. The Defense Ministry indicated that Turkish military forces on Friday launched a new air and ground offensive against
Argentina approves the purchase of 10 Beechcraft C-12B Huron aircraft from the USA
Argentina approved the purchase of 10 UC-12B Huron aircraft and related services from the USA. The value of this acquisition is around US $ 16.6 million. The aircraft, all formerly US Navy, is currently stored in the 309th Aerospace Maintenance and Regeneration Group (AMARG) at Davis-Monthan Air Force Base (AZ).