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At least seven ‘blue helmets’ wounded in Mali
The UN mission in Mali, Minusma, announced today that at least seven ‘blue helmets’ were injured following the detonation of an improvised explosive device when a vehicle passed by. In a statement published on the Twitter platform, MINUSMA says that the explosion occurred during a patrol in the Mopti region,
Taliban claim they control 85% of Afghan territory
Russia says it is militarily prepared to control the situation on the Afghan-Tajikistan border. Taliban representative guarantees that administrative centers in Kabul-controlled districts will not be taken by force. The Taliban declared this Friday that they control 85% of the territory of Afghanistan, at a time when they are promoting
Two drones are shot down at Iraqi military base with US military
The Iraqi army made the interception, no one took responsibility. Two drones were shot down at the Iraqi military base of Ain al-Asad this Sunday (6.Jun.2021). The interception by the air defenses was carried out at 12:30 am local time. The Iraqi army reported the drone shooting through its official
Calexit? “It’s time for California to be an independent country”
The co-founder of the ‘Calexit’ separatist movement, Louis J. Marinelli, believes it is possible to declare California an independent country if voters want it and a majority of other states consent to secession. It is time for California to be an independent country and establish direct relations with Europe, Asia,
Two bomb attacks in Kabul cause at least 12 deaths
The attacks were not claimed, but an organization linked to the Jihadist group Daesh and active in Afghanistan previously declared war on the country’s Shiite minority, about 20% of the Sunni-majority Muslim country with 36 million inhabitants. At least 12 people died on Tuesday as a result of a double
Release of judge Giovanni Falcone’s killer causes revolt in Italy
“It is sad news in human terms, but it is the law, a law that my brother wanted and that must be respected”, reacted Maria Falcone, sister of the judge, quoted by the Italian newspaper La Repubblica “ This Tuesday, the Italians were stunned by the early release of Giovanni
Inflation leads Argentina to repeat measures that have already failed
(Bloomberg) – If previous interventions serve as a guide, the new veto on beef exports from Argentina will not be able to contain inflation. The prices of red meat show an increase of 65% in the annual rate and far exceed inflation of 46%, which led the Argentine president, Alberto
Russia is banning European landing flights in Moscow
The measure is retaliation for the fact that airlines are using new routes to avoid flying over the airspace of Belarus. European flights are being banned from landing in Moscow, a measure taken by Russia in retaliation for the fact that airlines are not flying over Belarusian airspace. For the
Argentina confines again when it is the country with the most daily deaths per million inhabitants
The Argentine President announced this Thursday the return to confinement to contain the second wave that makes Argentina the country with the most daily deaths per million inhabitants. The measure will extend from May 22 to 30, inclusive. “After those nine days, activities will resume as they are today [Thursday]
What is Hamas and who supports it?
The term “Islamic radical” is repeatedly used by the media in relation to the Palestinian group Hamas. Following the most recent escalation of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, however, the denomination has varied, and there is an increasing talk of “terrorist organization”. The term “Islamic radical” is repeatedly used by the media