Prince Philip, husband of Queen Elizabeth II, died. He was 99 years old
Duke of Edinburgh had been admitted to a private hospital for several weeks. Prince Philip, the Duke of Edinburgh, and the husband of Queen Elizabeth II, aged 99, died this Friday at Buckingham Palace. The prince, who was turning 100 on June 10, had recently left the hospital, where he
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PUMA x NEMEN is inspired by F1 motorsport races
PUMA and the Italian brand NEMEN have just launched a collection inspired by motorsport and military equipment, produced with high-quality materials and premium execution techniques. This iconic collaboration – PUMA x NEMEN – unites the technical details of NEMEN with PUMA’s influence on the sport. Through the design of timeless
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Dinner suggestion: Prepare some onion steaks
If you are looking for an easy and tasty recipe for dinner, here it is – onion steaks to accompany with salad or chips. Ingredients 4 beef steaks 3 onions 50 g of butter for cooking for Steaks salt 1 carrot 500 g ripe tomato 0.5 dl of water Preparation
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Actor Sean Connery has died
Scottish actor Sean Connery died on Saturday at the age of 90. Best known for his role in the James Bond-007 saga, the Scottish actor was the first to embody the role in cinema and to play seven of the spy thrillers. The causes of the deaths are for now
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Linh Peters appointed director of marketing for Calvin Klein
The Calvin Klein brand, owned by the American group PVH, has appointed Linh Peters to the post of global marketing director. Peters will take office on November 2. The executive will be responsible for customer experience, marketing, and data. Linh Peters previously worked at Starbucks as vice president of product
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IWC presents two new models of the Portofino line
IWC Schaffhausen has launched two new variants of the Portofino Manual Winding Eight Days model. In the first model, the IWC debuts using a gray suede bracelet, which matches with a slate-colored dial. In the second model created specifically for this line, another novelty: the Swiss luxury watch manufacturer combines
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Gucci launched new G-Timeless and G-Frame watches with floral design
Gucci launched four new watches with floral design in the G-Timeless and G-Frame lines. The watches are decorated with this nature-inspired motif. Printed in different skin tones, it is shown on the bracelet and on the dial of each model. The G-Timeless (38 mm) is available in two colors: beige
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The domestication of dogs may be older than previously thought
Until recently, evidence showed that dogs could have been domesticated 11,000 years ago. However, recent studies show that the domestication of dogs is older than previously thought. Genetic analysis of fossils shows that several dog breeds already existed at the end of the last ice age. So this may be
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36 years of chameleon beauty Katy Perry is one of the most recognized singers in the world. His music career started very early through his passion for the gospel. After having released an album in this musical style and having seen several of his canceled albums, it was in 2007
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This fruit can help to lower blood sugar
Pre-diabetics, diabetics, and everyone, in general, should eat this powerful food. With regard to diabetes, which affects so many people, but also in our general health, an expert reports some exciting news about avocados. Avocados are really a superfood: rich in vitamins, nutrients, and heart-healthy fats, they can make you
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