Turkey confirms that US will send warships to support Ukraine
Prince Philip, husband of Queen Elizabeth II, died. He was 99 years old
Where does human consciousness come from? From the electromagnetic field of the brain, not from neurons, argues scientist
Ukraine’s accession to NATO would send “real signal” to Russia
Germany creates “Defense of the Fatherland”, a voluntary military service for young people
Russian military power in the Arctic
Greenland divided between environment and economy
This Tuesday is election day in Greenland. The autonomous territory has just over 55 thousand inhabitants but an enormous wealth in mineral terms and it was this detail that motivated the holding of early elections. The end of the governmental coalition was due to the lack of consensus on the
Iran announces Israeli spy detention
Local intelligence services announced that “an Israeli spy and several others linked to the security services of several countries have been detained in eastern Azerbaijan”. Iran’s Ministry of Information announced on Monday the arrest of several people it accused of spies, one of whom was at the service of Israel,
European Union expresses concern about Russian troop movement on the border with Ukraine
European Union (EU) head of diplomacy, Josep Borrell, today promised EU “indefectible” support for Kyiv and expressed concern about Russian troop movements on the border with Ukraine. “We are following Russian military activity around Ukraine with great concern,” said Borrell, after a telephone conversation with Ukrainian Foreign Minister Dmytro Kuleba.
Mars is not dead, there have been two ‘considerable earthquakes’
Mars is still an immensely unknown planet, despite having been populated by human machines for several years. Its arid appearance suggests a finished world, it was once rich in essential resources for life. However, NASA announced that InSight, which analyzes Martian geological activity, recently recorded “two strong and clear earthquakes”.
Maoist rebels kill at least 22 members of the security forces
The number of victims makes this the most lethal incident in the past four years. Authorities revealed that security forces were ambushed on Saturday as they returned from a search operation in an area close to a forest in the district of Bijapur (Chhattisgarh state), a stronghold of Maoist rebels.
Jordan’s ex-crown prince was placed under house arrest
Former Jordanian Crown Prince Hamzah bin Hussein said in a video sent to the BBC on Saturday that he was placed under house arrest by the Jordanian authorities and accused the country’s leadership of corruption and incompetence. In the recorded statement, the half-brother of King Abdullah II of Jordan claimed
Who are the jihadists who terrorize Mozambique?
Al-Shabaab. The group was recently cataloged by the US State Department as a terrorist group with links to ISIS. The militants of the Islamic jihadist group Al-Shabaab who attacked the city of Palma in northern Mozambique this week, killing and wounding several residents and also workers in gas exploration projects
Russia has “increased pattern of aggressive behavior”
NATO Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg argued that Russia has “raised its standard of aggressive behavior”, with the Allies showing a “very high level of unity” in a “firm and consistent response” to face it. Despite years of pressure and efforts to develop a meaningful dialogue, Russia has increased its pattern of
The author of the recent attack on the Capitol has already been identified. He would be an admirer of the Nation of Islam movement
The person responsible for Friday’s attack on the Capitol, which caused the death of a policeman, has already been identified by US agents. This is Noah Green, a 25-year-old from Indiana. Through what he published on social networks, it is believed that Green, who was killed in the aftermath of
According to US intelligence, there are about four thousand Russian military personnel in border areas and in Crimea
MOSCOW AND KYIV – The Russian government said on Thursday that the recent movement of troops near the border with Ukraine and the Crimean peninsula, occupied by Moscow since 2014, is natural and should not cause concern. The movements were criticized by Ukrainians and NATO, the main military alliance in