Ukraine confirms 22 dead after military plane crash
Ukraine’s interior ministry has confirmed that 22 people have died in a military plane crash. Two other people are severely injured and four more are still unaccounted for, the ministry said in a statement. The crash occurred at around 20:50 local time (19:50 CET) near the eastern city of Chuhuyiv, in
Meet the Gloster Meteor: The Only Allied Jet Aircraft of World War II
During the Second World War, the German Luftwaffe developed several jet-powered aircraft, beginning with the Me-262, Me-163 Komet, and the He-162. These were unable to turn the tide simply because Germany wasn’t able to produce enough of the aircraft to make a difference. However, Germany wasn’t alone in utilizing a jet fighter during
Boeing’s new 777X extends its folding wingtips to complete first flight
The aircraft’s design is intriguing: Folding wingtips will let the 777X fit at existing airport gates while still giving the wings the lift they need. After a delay Friday due to windy conditions, Boeing’s newest airliner completed its first flight Saturday when a 777X test aircraft landed at Paine Field
Russia bird strike: How cool heads glided jet down to safety
The Russian pilots who crash-landed a fuel-laden Airbus jet in a corn field, without any serious harm to the 233 people on board, are being hailed as heroes. The A321 was moments into its flight, after taking off from Moscow’s Zhukovsky airport, when a flock of gulls got sucked into
Delta receives first A330neo
Airbus has delivered the first A330-900 to Delta Air Lines in Toulouse. The US carrier has 35 A330neos on order to add to its fleet of 42 earlier-generation A330-200s and -300s. The Delta crew ferried the new A330-900 back to the company’s Atlanta base using a jet fuel blended from conventional sources and non-petroleum
Army Air Corps Apaches to Estonia
A group of Apache attack helicopters of 3 Regiment Army Air Corps left Wattisham Flying Station on April 15 for Estonia to take part in exercises and training with NATO and UK forces. The Apaches are deploying to Estonia, Latvia and Poland for three months, where they will work with

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