The World of Diplomacy
United States returns to UN Human Rights Council
The United States today announced its intention to re-engage with the UN Human Rights Council, which the Donald Trump administration abandoned in 2018, accusing him of hypocrisy. “The President (Joe Biden) instructed the State Department to get involved immediately and vigorously” at the UN Human Rights Council, US Secretary of
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Diplomatic incident between Russia and EU heats up. Berlin, Warsaw and Stockholm expel Russian diplomats in retaliation
Germany, Poland, and Sweden today announced the expulsion of Russian diplomats in retaliation for an identical measure decided on Friday by Moscow and in the context of the Navalny case. Russia denounced an “unfounded” and “hostile” measure. The main MEPs in charge of the European Union’s foreign policy, on the
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Russia justifies decision to expel several European diplomats
The Kremlin today defended its decision to expel European diplomats, but it said it wants to continue to “develop” its relations with the European Union (EU), despite the deepening crisis following the poisoning and imprisonment of Alexei Navalny. Russia was and remains interested in reviving relations between Moscow and Brussels,
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Brexit which is Great Brexit, a five-year truce between London and Brussels
The British were surprised yesterday by the news that they will have to declare values on trips to Northern Ireland, proof that the exit from the EU is in practice in Great Britain and not in the United Kingdom. For some years and until 2015, the prospect of Greece leaving
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Erdogan v. Macron: Power, Faith And The Opposite Of Diplomacy
Things are heating up between Erdogan and Macron, leading to the recall of the French ambassador in Ankara. France’s efforts in training local imams may thwart Turkey’s policy of influence through religion. ISTANBUL — Insulting French President Emmanuel Macron is definitely the new pet project for Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, who’s
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Boosting economic diplomacy
ISLAMABAD: Recently, the government set up two high-level economic coordination forums – the Economic Outreach Apex Committee and Coordination Group and the Economic Outreach Apex Committee. The prime minister will head the former forum while Dr. Moeed Yusuf, PM’s Special Assistant on National Security, will lead the latter. It is
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Erdogan warns France to “not conflict with Turkey”
Turkish President Recep Erdogan warned his French counterpart, Emmanuel Macron, this Saturday “not to get into conflict with Turkey” when the tension between the two countries about the situation in the Mediterranean rises in tone. “Don’t try to quarrel with the Turkish people. Don’t try to fight Turkey. You will
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The rise of digital economic diplomacy
After weeks of hard work and preparations, we were a week away from the Global Forum for Agricultural Innovation (GFIA), an agricultural trade fair that takes place annually in Abu Dhabi. We had been building momentum towards this event, planning a large incoming horticulture mission from the Netherlands, energized by
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Italy signed deals worth 2.5 billion euros with China
(Reuters) – Italy signed in 23 of May 2019 a preliminary accord with China on Saturday that makes it the first country of the Group of Seven industrialized nation to join the Chinese Belt and Road infrastructure project. Around 30 parallel deals were signed on the sidelines of the visit
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As Death Toll Mounts, Governments Point Fingers Over Coronavirus
The head of the World Health Organization said it was “not a time for excuses,” but some countries have been busily exchanging blame. An Iranian official claimed without evidence that the epidemic could be an American bioweapon, after some U.S. officials said the same about China. Saudi Arabia said its
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