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Martian mineral, rare on Earth, found locked in Antarctic ice
Scientists boring more than a mile deep into Antarctic ice have unearthed a mineral that’s rarely seen on Earth but found in abundance on Mars, Science Magazine reported. The yellow-brown mineral, called jarosite, requires both water and acidic conditions to form, according to NASA— conditions that are hard to find now on the Red
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US House punishes congresswoman linked to conspiracy theories
A member of the most radical wing of the Republican Party, Marjorie Taylor Greene wears a mask with the words “Trump won” on January 3 Congressmen decide to step aside from commissions Marjorie Taylor Greene, who supported QAnon, denied 9/11 and endorsed Democratic execution requests. Republicans warn of future political
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What the Constitution says The President of the USA is elected for four years, with the right to re-election. He is both head of state and government. About four million people work in the American Executive, including the Armed Forces. It is the president’s job to implement the laws passed
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Biden says Trump should not have access to intelligence reports
As president, Trump rivaled intelligence services and was accused of leaking confidential information President mentions the Republican’s “erratic behavior” to justify why he should not continue to be informed about confidential national security issues, as is a tradition for ex-presidents. United States President Joe Biden said his predecessor, Donald Trump,
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Schumacher against Hamilton’s attitude: “What you are doing is shameful”
The British driver is taking too long to renew with Mercedes With less than a month to go before Mercedes comes into the new Formula One season, it remains to be seen whether Lewis Hamilton will remain in the team. According to the press, the British driver wants 40 million
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Newspaper reveals Messi contract with Barcelona: € 555.2 million over four years
“El Mundo” publishes details of the bond, signed in 2017: Argentine star earns more than twice Neymar and has € 75 million (R $ 497 million) net per year Madrid’s “El Mundo” newspaper published details of Lionel Messi’s contract with Barcelona. The vehicle stamped on its cover the total amount
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The revelations of a former KGB spy: Trump is an “active” to Russia for over 40 years
A new book about the former U.S. President adds another layer to Donald Trump’s alleged and controversial relationship with high-ranking Russian figures. A former KGB spy says the American businessman was a “perfect target” for Moscow to gain power. In the late 1970s, Donald Trump was a rising businessman in
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The Killers release new music. It’s called ‘C’est La Vie’!
The new theme was released with the reissue of the album “Imploding the Mirage”, an album released by the Las Vegas collective in 2020. The Killers released a deluxe version of “Imploding the Mirage” – a disc they released in August 2020. The reissue reached digital platforms with three bonus
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European Medicines Agency gives green light to AstraZeneca vaccine
The European Medicines Agency (EMA) announced this Friday the approval of the Covid-19 vaccine developed by AstraZeneca and Oxford University. The vaccine, the third to be recommended in the community, can be used in patients over 18 years of age. After the Pfizer and Moderna vaccines, the European Medicines Agency
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