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In Djibouti, Red Sea: Why the Chinese and U.S. armies are fortifying this tiny African country
In Djibouti, two superpowers have built heavily guarded bases only a few kilometres apart, watching the crossroads between Asia, Africa and the Middle East in an increasingly tense standoff for global supremacy. What could possibly go wrong? From the edge of a cargo port at the southern entrance to the
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England lose 3-1 to Netherlands after extra-time in UEFA Nations League semi-final
Less than 12 months after their last semi-final, Gareth Southgate’s England found themselves in another. Ok, this wasn’t quite the World Cup but a Nations League victory would be celebrated nonetheless. However, the result was the same – more extra-time heartbreak. Following Cristiano Ronaldo’s masterclass on Wednesday night, England and
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Portugal 3-1 Switzerland Cristiano Ronaldo hat-trick
The captain scored a glorious hat-trick as Portugal set up a mouth-watering UEFA Nations League final clash against either England or the Netherlands The captain scored a glorious hat-trick as Portugal set up a mouth-watering UEFA Nations League final clash against either England or the Netherlands If you’re wondering what
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President mourns death of writer Agustina Bessa-Luís
Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa, on Monday mourned the death of the Portuguese writer Agustina Bessa-Luís, acknowledging her genius, her creation and expressing his deepest condolences to her relatives. In a note published on the presidency’s website, De Sousa stressed that there “people that no words can describe in what they
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Champions League final: Liverpool defeats Tottenham, 2-0, for sixth Champions League title
Liverpool claim their sixth European Champions League title with 2-0 win over Tottenham Hotspur. An early goal from Mohamed Salah and a late one from Divock Origi gave Liverpool a 2-0 win over Tottenham Hotspur in Saturday’s all-English Champions League final as coach Juergen Klopp finally got his hands on Europe’s biggest
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Angela Merkel says Europe needs to ‘stand up’ against far right as Austrian government falls
German Chancellor Angela Merkel says Europe needs to push back against the far right, amid a political crisis that has claimed Austria’s government. Mrs Merkel made the remarks when asked about a scandal engulfing Austria’s anti-immigrant Freedom Party, whose leader Heinz-Christian Strache quit on Saturday as the government’s vice-chancellor. Mr
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HERE ARE A couple of relatively safe bets you can make right now about the European parliamentary elections that commenced yesterday and will continue through the weekend. ONE IS THAT nationalist, populist, far-right parties will surge, winning up to a third of the seats in the contest. The other is that Steve
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Steve Bannon’s monastic academy denies monkey business
A plan by Steve Bannon, Donald Trump’s former chief strategist, to launch an alt-right academy in an Italian monastery now risks being scotched by the authorities. Evidence has emerged that a key document used to secure tenancy of the property was forged. Mr Bannon is paying the €100,000-a-year ($111,000) rent on
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Roger Waters takes the subway: Multi-millionaire rock icon, 75, shuns luxury travel as he joins commuters on New York’s underground
He rose to fame as the rock and roll bassist in Pink Floyd, amassing a net worth of an estimated $310million.  And despite his superstar status, Roger Waters took New York’s subway on Saturday as he travelled through downtown Manhattan.  Cutting an unassuming figure as he sat down next to
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Queen: ‘We felt we were losing Freddie’ Brian May reveals heartache behind THIS huge hit
QUEEN legend Brian May has revealed the hidden heartache and fears behind one of the band’s biggest hits when the band thought they were losing Freddie, many years before his untimely death. Sadness, regret and heartache could apply to any of those final recordings from the Made In Heaven album.
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