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If you consider who is on the list of “Pioneering bands of hard sounds” you cannot help wondering what the Scandinavians mix into their mother´s milk, but the musicians from the north of Europe seemingly occupy two-thirds off this ranking. And also DYNAZTY from Stockholm is no exception. Today the
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Darwin manuscripts sought by Interpol
It was already in 2001 that a routine inspection carried out by the library of the University of Cambridge, in the United Kingdom, detected the disappearance of two notebooks that had belonged to Charles Darwin, one containing the drawing of the Tree of Life, whose first The sketch dates from
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Interpol Alert: Organized crime will focus on vaccines against the new coronavirus
The international organization Interpol sent a warning message to its 194 member countries on Wednesday, alerting them to prepare for organized crime actions focused on vaccines against the new coronavirus. In a security alert communication, the international police cooperation organization based in Lyon (central-eastern France) warns of “potential criminal activity
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Bed dust microorganisms may boost children’s health, study suggests
Researchers have found a link between microorganisms living in the dust of children’s beds and the children’s own bacteria. The correlation suggests that microorganisms may reduce a child’s risk of asthma and allergy. In the most extensive study of its kind, researchers from the University of Copenhagen, in collaboration with
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Yellow color predominates in Van Gogh’s paintings (and this has a scientific explanation)
The works of the painter Van Gogh fit the artistic current of post-impressionism. These are characterized by having strong colors capable of attracting a very diverse audience. But why did the same colors almost always predominate? Science can answer that puzzle. Van Gogh’s work is extensive, but among his best
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All that remained was to count the votes in the states of Georgia and North Carolina The final results of the US presidential elections were announced this Friday. With the closing of accounts in the states of Georgia and North Carolina, Joe Biden managed to raise 306 delegates from the
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Biden administration. First names appear and women are in strength
There are 500 experts working on the transfer of powers, even without the collaboration of the White House or federal agencies. Biden’s choice of chief of staff gives clues about the composition of the future executive. While it is unknown how long Donald Trump’s sulk will last due to the
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Pfizer says COVID-19 vaccine is looking 90 per cent effective
Pfizer Inc. said Monday that its COVID-19 vaccine may be a remarkable 90% effective, based on early and incomplete test results that nevertheless brought a big burst of optimism to a world desperate for the means to finally bring the catastrophic outbreak under control. The announcement came less than a
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Three Russian soldiers killed in the attack on the military base. 20 year old soldier wanted
At least three Russian soldiers died this Monday morning in an attack on an airbase 320 km from Moscow. Hired soldier, 20 years old, is being sought by the authorities. At least three Russian military personnel died this Monday morning in the wake of an attack by another soldier at
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