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This is the queue for a testing center: the USA has never had so many covid-19 patients in hospitals and even oxygen starts to run out in LA
Los Angeles County is already starting to dose oxygen in ambulances: not only are these emergency teams being instructed to give oxygen only to the worst-off patients but, if there is little chance of survival, they have been told not to take patients to the hospital, treating and declaring death
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Brexit: European companies close door to shipments to the United Kingdom
Some online sales companies are reporting that they do not ship to the UK due to tax changes brought about by Brexit. We are forced by British policy to stop doing business with British customers ”, writes the Dutch company specializing in bicycle parts Dutch Bike Bits. This company has
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Brexit which is Great Brexit, a five-year truce between London and Brussels
The British were surprised yesterday by the news that they will have to declare values on trips to Northern Ireland, proof that the exit from the EU is in practice in Great Britain and not in the United Kingdom. For some years and until 2015, the prospect of Greece leaving
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UK and European Union reach agreement for short stays
The United Kingdom will allow visa-free access for European citizens who want to stay in the country for a maximum of 90 days in a row and 180 days a year. The commercial agreement established between the United Kingdom and the European Union will allow the mobility of European and
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Brussels and London already have draft post-Brexit agreement
The European Union and the United Kingdom have reached a historic agreement in principle for a political and economic partnership to take effect from 2021, reports Bloomberg. Details of the agreement are still being worked on, but everything indicates that the chaotic scenario of non-agreement will be avoided. A political
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The unusual 1967 interview with the “brain” of Nazism: “Hitler was bloodthirsty and exhibited sexual anomalies”
More than twenty years after the Second World War, Otto Strasser was the only living witness who could explain the rise of National Socialism in Germany, since he and his brother were the main promoters of the movement together with the “Führer”, with whom they had a more than familiar
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Russia’s Security Council gains power
Russia’s Security Council (Sovet Bezopasnosti: SB) was established in 1992, the direct successor of its Soviet counterpart to the Soviet Security Council, although during the 1990s it was often of questionable value, acting more like a half-way house for officials on their way to retirement. It is technically an arm
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Biden’s defence secretary choice faces congressional scrutiny
The incoming Biden administration announced on 8 December that it has selected retired US Army general Lloyd Austin III as its future defense secretary. The announcement follows weeks of speculation and, if approved by Congress, Austin would be the first black US secretary of defense. “Throughout his lifetime of dedicated
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Russian Ships Move To Baltic Sea Areas To Resume Construction Of Controversial Pipeline
A Russian pipe-laying ship has moved into position to resume construction of a natural-gas pipeline in the Baltic Sea that the United States, Ukraine, and other countries have vehemently opposed. German shipping authorities have issued an advisory for the Baltic Sea area where the last few kilometers of the controversial
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Ireland denounces UK “negotiating tactic”
The UK’s plan to move forward next Monday with legislation against the previous Brexit deal is a “negotiating tactic” that should not distract European Union negotiators. The upper house of the UK parliament voted last month to remove the controversial clauses from the Project on the Internal Market Law, but
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