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Russia has disconnected from the global Internet for testing
In the modern world, it seems almost unthinkable to stay away from the Internet, completely disconnecting from the system. Especially when it comes to an entire nation. Russia seems to want to push the boundaries and has effectively disconnected from the global Internet network for some time. Although the effective
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Russia and China work to prevent civil war after US troops withdraw
After the announcement of the withdrawal of US troops from Afghanistan made by President Joe Biden, scheduled for August 31, Russia and China are working to occupy the space to avoid a generalized civil war. Regional powers Turkey and Iran are also looking to establish more influence. The departure of
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At least seven ‘blue helmets’ wounded in Mali
The UN mission in Mali, Minusma, announced today that at least seven ‘blue helmets’ were injured following the detonation of an improvised explosive device when a vehicle passed by. In a statement published on the Twitter platform, MINUSMA says that the explosion occurred during a patrol in the Mopti region,
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Taliban claim they control 85% of Afghan territory
Russia says it is militarily prepared to control the situation on the Afghan-Tajikistan border. Taliban representative guarantees that administrative centers in Kabul-controlled districts will not be taken by force. The Taliban declared this Friday that they control 85% of the territory of Afghanistan, at a time when they are promoting
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From “wolf warriors” to “traitors”, Chinese diplomacy falls into its own trap
After a year of ruthlessly attacking their Western rivals, the “wolf warriors” of the new Chinese diplomacy are experimenting with their own medicine. After the recommendation to tone down, they are now the target of nationalist fury from their own ranks. In recent years, China has brought to light a
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Russia declares Estonian consul in St. Petersburg as ‘persona non grata’
Estonia’s consul in St. Petersburg, Mart Lätte, has been declared ‘persona non grata’ by Russia and will have to leave the country within 48 hours, Russian diplomacy announced today. This announcement comes a day after the Estonian diplomat was detained by the Russian federal security services (known as the FSB)
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“Feminist diplomacy”: study shows that women are more skilled in peace negotiations
This week’s L’Obs magazine features a report on the issue of “feminist diplomacy”. Proponents of this idea argue that greater involvement of women in international negotiations would reinforce equality and help advance peace talks. The text explains that “a feminist foreign policy begins with the integration of women in decision-making
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Head of EU diplomacy to propose new restrictive measures to Nicaragua
The head of European diplomacy, Josep Borrell, announced on Tuesday (6) that he will propose “in the coming days” to the EU Council the adoption of new restrictive measures and specific sanctions against Nicaragua, for the detention of several opposition leaders. “In the coming days, we will propose to the
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War in Afghanistan: the results of the most expensive conflict in history
After 20 years in the country, American and British forces are leaving Afghanistan. US President Joe Biden announced that the roughly 3,000 remaining US soldiers and servicemen are expected to depart Afghan soil by September 11th. The UK is making the same move, withdrawing its remaining 750 soldiers. The date
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HMS Queen Elizabeth launches F-35s against Islamic State
The United Kingdom’s HMS Queen Elizabeth aircraft carrier has launched Lockheed Martin F-35B combat aircraft against the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria, the Ministry of Defence (MoD) announced on 22 June. An undisclosed number of UK Royal Air Force (RAF)/Royal Navy (RN) Lightning and US Marine Corps (USMC) Lightning II aircraft flew
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