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Italy is having a great help to catch the second wave: the trauma
The beginning of the pandemic has punished Italy to such an extent that the European country is now managing to contain the curve, at a time when countries like France or Spain are dealing with the increase in the number of new COVID-19 infections. Italy wants to overcome the trauma
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“Critical point” in the UK. Experts to make public appeal live on TV
This Monday, two of the most senior scientific advisers to the British Government will appeal to the British, live on television, to warn that the UK has reached a “tipping point”. Two British government scientific advisers, Chris Whitty and Patrick Vallance will make a public appeal this Monday, live on
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World War II Bomb kills two demining experts
Two demining experts, a British and an Australian, died in a World War II bomb blast they were trying to disarm in the Solomon Islands, local officials said on Monday. According to the AFP news agency, local police said the two men, who worked for the Norwegian People’s Aid (NPA)
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“Venus is a Russian planet”, says leader of the Russian space agency
Since 1984 Russia has sent probes for the planet. Recent uncovered from Venus turns the planet into a great focus of attention in the scientific community, increasing the level of interest in exploration. Therefore, the Russian space agency Roscosmos has come to delineate the plans for missões to Venus, classifying
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Molecule was used to create a drug, Ab8, which researchers say is able to treat and prevent COVID-19 infection. Scientists at the University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine were able to isolate “the smallest biological molecule” capable of neutralizing the covid-19 virus. It is a molecule that is ten times
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Putin expresses support for Lukashenko and lends 1.2 billion euros
Russian President Vladimir Putin expressed to his Belarusian counterpart, Alexander Lukashenko, support for constitutional reform as a way to overcome the crisis in the neighboring country, and rejected any outside interference. Russia provided a loan of 1.2 million euros. We are aware of your proposal to start work on the
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Orange California sky by absurd fire is not Mars movie. It’s climate emergency
The fires in the California and Oregon regions, states on the west coast of the USA, caused apocalyptic skies that resemble the films that take place on Mars. Looking like ‘Blade Runner’ and ‘Mad Max’, residents of the Pacific Coast region were surprised by orange days this week and the
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Fire continues to consume California
In California, nearly 30,000 hectares of forest have already burned. Certain areas have not burned for 60 years. The so-called Bobcat fire (means lynx) started to burn on September 6 but is still only under 6% control. In the video, you can see the flames devouring trees near a picnic
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Erdogan warns France to “not conflict with Turkey”
Turkish President Recep Erdogan warned his French counterpart, Emmanuel Macron, this Saturday “not to get into conflict with Turkey” when the tension between the two countries about the situation in the Mediterranean rises in tone. “Don’t try to quarrel with the Turkish people. Don’t try to fight Turkey. You will
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“We are going to make the EU get the threats off the table.” Johnson accuses Brussels of putting “peace and unity” in the United Kingdom into question
At issue is a proposal for a law on the Internal Market in the United Kingdom published on Wednesday, against which the European Commission threatened legal action, warning that “violation of the terms of the withdrawal agreement would violate international law, undermine confidence and would jeopardize future ongoing negotiations on
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