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Berlin outlaws Muslim organization for alleged link to terrorism
The German government has banned a Muslim organization accused of supporting global terrorism through donations, the Interior Ministry announced. Police searched Ansaar International-related buildings in ten German states, said the Interior Ministry of the Berlin Government. The ministry claims that the money the organization raises for alleged aid projects is
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Netanyahu guarantees that Israel will use “growing force” against Hamas
We have eliminated Hamas commanders and this is just the beginning, “warned the Israeli interim head of government, hours after a selective attack by the army and intelligence services to take down high military commands from the Ezzedine al-Qassam Brigades, the Islamic movement’s armed wing. “Israel will respond, and is
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Conflict between Israel and Palestinians: the fate of 6 families sparked a wave of violence
The fate of six families in a neighborhood in East Jerusalem is one of the main triggers for the current wave of violence between Palestinians and Israelis. What started as a series of riots against the families ‘eviction plans in Sheikh Jarrah has escalated to the launching of rockets from
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Cisco Acquires Sedonasys Systems to Offer More Advanced Network Automation Platform
Sedona NetFusion platform to be integrated into Cisco Crosswork portfolio Cisco announced on Tuesday (11) its intention to acquire Sedonasys Systems, a specialist in hierarchical controllers (HCO). Cisco is eyeing the NetFusion platform, which allows for multiple vendors, multi-domain automation, and software-defined networking. “HCO is the brain that enables transformation
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IBM optimizes quantum computing controls and accelerates workloads by 120 times
Enhanced systems have reduced the amount of time per job run from 1,000 microseconds to 70 microseconds. IBM announced on Tuesday (11) that its team demonstrated an acceleration of 120 times in the simulation of molecules while seeking an acceleration 100 times faster. The company links the feat to a
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Tesla stops accepting Bitcoin payments! Cryptocurrency price drops
Elon Musk has an “invisible power” to be able to appreciate or devalue virtual currencies. After announcing that it would be possible to buy a Tesla with Bitcoin, the currency soared and hit record highs. Now, Elon Musk has confirmed that it is no longer possible to buy Teslas with
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The implications of neglecting IPv6 on your internet facing services
TL;DR: Managing the online exposure of systems can be difficult. Sometimes IPv6 network configurations get forgotten, leading to services unknowingly connected to the internet. We’ve been (very) slowly adopting IPv6 since its introduction in 1995. This added protocol version allows computer systems to be available in two different address spaces (IPv4
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Rare confrontation between the FARC and the Venezuelan Army
A confrontation between the Venezuelan Army and a FARC dissidence makes clear the relationships between the Nicolás Maduro regime and the drug trafficking business orchestrated by the left-wing Colombian guerrilla. The business that turned the FARC into the third richest terrorist group on the planet, drug trafficking is what now supports, to a
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FARC confirm that they have eight Venezuelan military personnel in their possession
The group says it wants to return members of Venezuelan special forces to their country of origin and they ask for the intervention of the International Red Cross. The Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC) confirmed on Monday that they have eight Venezuelan military personnel in their possession. The confirmation
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Manchester City wins seventh English title the third in four years
Manchester City benefited from Manchester United’s defeat against Leicester (1-2) in the 36th round. Manchester City today secured the seventh title of English football champion, and third in four years, in the face of Manchester United’s defeat at Leicester (1-2) in the 36th round. With three games to play, the
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