Israel’s Defense Minister Says Iran Transfers Arms to Venezuela

Israeli Defense Minister Benny Gantz said today that Iran “transfers arms and oil to Venezuela” and that the Quds Force, of the Iranian Revolutionary Guards, also operates in South America.

Gantz did not provide further details about these alleged operations but inserted them into what he described as the “export of Iranian terrorism” under Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei’s directives.

Today’s denunciation came during a policy and security conference at Israel’s Reichman University, during which the defense minister warned that in 2018 Tehran used unmanned planes (‘drones’) to “try to transfer explosives from Syria for terrorists” in the West Bank, Palestinian territory occupied by Israel.

According to Gantz, based on information from the Israeli intelligence services, the Iranian ‘drones’ took off from T4 airport in Syria.

The minister also pointed out that Iran uses two military bases in its territory, in the region of Chabahar and on the island of Qeshm, to promote maritime attacks and store ‘drones’.

This denunciation takes place a few days before the resumption of negotiations between Iran and the signatories of the 2015 nuclear agreement to save the pact, an initiative disapproved by Israel.

During the same conference, Israeli Prime Minister Naftali Bennett referred to these negotiations and indicated that “if there is a return to the agreement, Israel will not be part of it and does not consider itself bound by it”, in an obvious allusion to the repeated Israeli threats to carry out an attack on Iran to prevent it from possessing nuclear weapons.

“The State of Israel must maintain its capacity to act and its freedom of action, in every situation and under any political circumstances,” added Bennett.

Source: with agencies

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