New US Army Goggles Allow “See Through Walls”
IAVS Stryker

New equipment being tested by the US Army could give soldiers on the battlefield “superpowers” such as the ability to see in absolute darkness, see-through walls, or even have an aerial view of a location without having to leave the ground.

Called IAVS (Integrated Augmented Vision System, Integrated System of Enlarged Vision), it consists of glasses that cover the soldier’s field of vision and a system of seven cameras mounted on the lenses, capable of capturing images under the most diverse conditions.

The goggles can connect to the external camera system of armored vehicles, such as the Bradleys or Strykers, allowing soldiers on board to have a 360° view of everything that happens outside and see “through the walls” of the vehicle without having them that expose themselves.

Likewise, they can show a map of a location, camera images of a drone flying over the battlefield, or a camera’s view in the scope of a rifle, allowing a soldier to fire a shot without having to leave cover.

“Now soldiers won’t have to hang out of vehicles in dangerous situations, trying to get information about what’s going on,” the sergeant said. Philip Bartel of the US Army Stryker 1-2 Brigade Combat Team. He continued:

“The leadership will be able to maneuver its elements and gain a view of the target without having to leave the safety of their armored vehicles. Maneuvering elements with this type of information will minimize casualties, drastically change how we operate, and increase our effectiveness on the battlefield.”

The US military is so confident in the IAVS’s effectiveness that it wants to spend $1.1 billion to acquire 40,000 units, one for every US soldier on a front line. The US Congress, however, does not share this enthusiasm and has reduced the budget by 20%.

Source: MSN

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