Portuguese Judiciary Police and Spanish Police Make Biggest Cocaine Seizure in the Last 15 Years

It was the biggest cocaine seizure in the last 15 years in Portugal. The Judiciary and Spanish police located five tons of cocaine coming from Latin America.

The Judiciary Police and Spanish authorities intercepted a sailboat carrying 183 bales of cocaine weighing more than 5.2 tons, the biggest seizure of this drug in Portugal in the last 15 years.

The 24-meter long sailboat was located and intercepted in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean and was being used to transport large amounts of cocaine, according to a statement from the PJ, released this Monday.

During the operation, which took place in recent days, three men were arrested, all foreigners, who are strongly suspected of being part of a transnational criminal organization dedicated to the trafficking of large quantities of cocaine between Latin America and the European continent.

According to the PJ, “a total of 183 bales of cocaine were transported on the vessel with an estimated gross weight of approximately 5.2 tons, which is the largest seizure of this type of narcotic in Portugal in the last 15 years and one of the largest held in all of Europe”.

In the communication, the PJ said that operation “Maré Blanca” was carried out in recent days by the National Unit for Combating Narcotics Traffic in conjunction with the Unidad de Drogas y Crimen Organizado of the National Police Corps of Spain and with the participation of the Navy and Air Force.

Suspects will be presented to the competent judicial authority for the first judicial interrogation of the detained defendant and the application of coercive measures.

The PJ also added, based on elements gathered during the investigation, that the drug now seized would be destined to be distributed to several European countries, entering the old continent through the coast of the Iberian Peninsula.

This operation also had the support and participation of the Maritime Analysis and Operations Center – Norcotics (MAOC-N), headquartered in Lisbon, the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) of the United States of America, and the National Crime Agency of the United Kingdom.

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