Kurdish forces warn: Daesh is rebuilding in Syria
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Four years after the lost caliphate was reduced to 2% of its territory, Kurdish forces fear that the withdrawal of the US military could lead to a resurgence of the self-styled Islamic State.

Kurdish forces warn of the resurgence of Daesh in Syria. In a report by The Guardian, Lukman Khalil, one of the military leaders of the Syrian Democratic Forces (FDS – Alliance of Kurdish and Arab militias), says that Daesh “is back to fighting in the shadows”.

“People couldn’t be more wrong [if they think Daesh is over],” says the soldier in Deir ez-Zor, the desert in eastern Syria where the Islamic State began and where its last strongholds are currently concentrated. “Daesh thinks this is a break, not a defeat. An ideology cannot be easily liquidated. They are growing again and learning to be patient again.”

The military says that at least one anti-terrorist operation is being carried out per day in the region.

“The leadership is reorganizing itself. We are still arresting many of them, but it is difficult to keep up. Commander Mazloum Abdi.

The Syrian province of Deir ez-Zor is at the center of concerns these days. Despite regular help from the US and French troops, it remains difficult to control.

In July, Joe Biden announced that US forces would leave Iraq by the end of the year. With the exit meanwhile completed from Afghanistan, it is feared that a Syrian withdrawal would follow, which would leave FDS forces “exposed” in this territory.

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