Taiwan denounces China’s biggest air incursion with 38 fighters and nuclear bombers

Taipei government sent fighter jets to intercept Chinese planes and activated anti-aircraft systems, and it accuses Beijing of “unbridled military aggression”.

China today sent 38 fighter planes towards Taiwan, in what was the biggest display of force of the year by Beijing, in two military maneuvers carried out on that country’s national day.

In the first, the People’s Liberation Army flew 25 fighter planes towards the island located some 180 kilometers east of China, before sending another 13 planes later during the night.

Taiwan has deployed its air patrol forces and detected Chinese planes in its air defense system, the country’s defense minister said in a statement.

The first group of planes sent by Beijing included 18 J-16 fighters and two H-6 bombers.

China has been sending planes into the territory it claims as its own almost daily for the past two years, intensifying military harassment through this type of exercise.

Last week, it flew 24 planes to Taiwan after Taiwan announced it would apply to join a Pacific trading group in which China has also signed up.

Taiwan separated from China during a civil war in 1949, but Beijing has never ruled out re-annexing the territory and opposes the island’s involvement in any international organizations.

Source: with agencies

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