USA, Australia and UK together in the fight against China in the Indo-Pacific

The United States of America, Australia, and the United Kingdom have announced a historic security partnership to defend their interests in the Indo-Pacific region, in the face of China’s wishes.

The partnership will allow, in particular, Australia to acquire nuclear-powered submarines, which could jeopardize a large order of more than 60 billion Australian dollars (about 37.3 billion euros) from France.

The new pact, called “AUKUS”, would enable the three countries to “share advanced technologies, especially nuclear propulsion technology in submarines”, according to the newspaper “Sydney Morning Herald”.

The US president made a statement this Thursday on the “national security” initiative accompanied, virtually, by Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison and British head of government Boris Johnson. The US president has already proposed resuming alliances between the US and China, repeatedly saying that the Indo-Pacific region is a priority.

With the pact confirmed, relations with France could cool down if it results in Australia’s order being canceled. A Framework Agreement concluded in 2016, and which the French President, Emmanuel Macron, pledged to implement, provides for the construction of 12 conventionally propelled submarines.

The total cost of the program for which the French Naval Group was responsible comes to A$50 billion (about €31 billion).

The contract was criticized for several months by the Labor party in Australia, which denounced its cost.

Source: with Agencies

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