California to vote on whether to expel Democratic governor

More than 1.7 million signed a petition for a referendum on Gavin Newsom’s continuation in office. The governor’s role, particularly in managing the pandemic, is the target of much criticism.

The population of the US state of California is called on Tuesday to vote in a referendum to decide whether to keep Governor Gavin Newsom in office.

The governor of the largest state in the United States of America (USA), who was elected to the office in 2018 with nearly 62% of the vote, faces a test that could mark US politics this year.

US President Joe Biden himself and Vice President Kamala Harrison, as well as Senators Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders, mobilized and visited California to demonstrate support for Democrat Gavin Newsom.

When Newsom was elected less than three years ago, he had the highest vote for a governor in the state of California since 1950. But in addition to being the richest, most populous, and most progressive state in the US, California is also one of the states where it is possible to replace holders of public office through a referendum, and the Gavin Newsom contest may dictate that same replacement.

The collection of signatures for the California governor’s deposition began in July 2020, and, because of the pandemic, the deadline for gathering support was extended from five to nine months.

The criticisms leveled at Gavin Newsom’s governance are varied: problems related to social issues, such as crime, the suspension of the death penalty, immigration or housing costs, but also the management of the Covid-19 pandemic, which he made increased unemployment and the number of homeless people in California. Adding to the list, a controversy that occurred in November 2020, when the governor was filmed at a luxury dinner, without respecting the safety rules against Covid-19 that he himself had imposed on Californians.

As a result, around 1.7 million people signed the referendum request.

In voting, voters have to answer two questions: whether they want the governor to step down and, if so, who should be chosen to replace him. On the list are 46 names, among them the favorite is Republican Larry Elder, an ultra-conservative supporter of Donald Trump, who argues that the former US president was sent by God to save America.

This is only the third time a US governor has been subject to a referendum. Almost 20 years ago, actor and Republican Arnold Schwarzenegger replaced the Democratic governor, precisely in the state of California.

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