Is it a shark? Is it a pig? Fish surprise sailors in Italy

Oxynotus Centrina inhabits up to 700 meters deep.

A fish with a ‘body’ similar to a shark and a ‘face’ similar to a pig was found by sailors on the island of Elba in Italy. The men were “shocked and confused” by the discovery.

The creature, says the Lad Bible, was found floating in the water and was eventually removed from there. Specialists informed that it is a fish named Oxynotus Centrina, which inhabits up to 700 meters deep.

The images were captured on August 19, but only now have they been shared on social networks and made known to the world.

On Facebook, the Isola d’Elba page published the news of the event: “On the Isle of Elba a specimen of Oxynotus Centrina was recovered, commonly called ‘pig fish’, unfortunately without life. It is a rare fish that lives between 100 and 700 meters deep”.

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