Suspicions of Russian cyberespionage of German deputies

German Foreign Ministry accuses Russia of trying to influence the September 26 legislative elections.

The German federal prosecutor announced this Thursday the opening of an inquiry into alleged cyberespionage of members of the Bundestag (federal parliament) a few weeks before the legislative elections, whose authors Berlin suspects are the Russian secret services.

“I can confirm that we have opened an inquiry into suspected activity by foreign intelligence services,” a spokesman for the federal prosecutor’s office, quoted by French agency AFP, said when asked about charges brought earlier this week by the German government against the services. Russian secrets regarding phishing attacks targeting German MPs.

A spokeswoman for the German Foreign Ministry then severely criticized Russian attempts to influence the legislative elections on September 26, following which German Chancellor Angela Merkel will step down after 16 years in office.

The German authorities pointed the finger at the Russian military secret services (GRU), responsible, they argued, for attacks particularly targeting the Conservatives of the Government (CDU and CSU) and its coalition partners, the Social Democratic Party (SPD).


For months, hackers from “Operation Ghostwriter”, orchestrated by the GRU, tried to access the private e-mail accounts of national and regional deputies, managing to hack some. A case was revealed by Der Spiegel magazine in March.

Hackers are said to have imitated the e-mail addresses of people MPs trusted to better trick them, with the aim of gaining unlimited access to their correspondence and spying on the country’s top decision-makers.

In Germany, cases of espionage for which the Kremlin is blamed have been registered for many years and arise despite the policy of dialogue and cooperation with Moscow that Angela Merkel has followed, against everything and against everyone, during her years at the head of the Government, even if it has poisoned relations between Germany and the United States.

Source: with Agencies

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