Taliban found aircraft and vehicles at the airport, all unusable

Before leaving the airport in Kabul, the US armed forces deactivated 73 military aerial devices, in addition to weapons systems, helicopters, and armored vehicles.

The US military left the international airport in Kabul on Monday night, marking the end of the longest war in the United States, but not before deactivating and rendering useless all the devices – air or ground – that had to stay for behind.

Several videos show the entry of the fighters at the airport, in the early hours of Tuesday morning, after moments of celebration.

One of them, which you can see above, shared in pro-Taliban circles, shows the discontent of the fighters when faced with the deactivated devices.

“New video from Kabul airport shows decommissioned aircraft left behind. Taliban visibly displeased with the fact that several air and ground aircraft were deactivated by US forces before leaving”, reads the video caption, shared on the social networks.

In the images, it is possible to see Taliban fighters examining the aerial devices. According to the AFP, the US armed forces disabled 73 military aerial devices, as well as weapons systems, helicopters, and armored vehicles before leaving the site.

The information was confirmed by General Kenneth McKenzie, head of the US Central Command, who added that the equipment had been “demilitarized”. “Those aircraft will never fly again… They won’t be operated by anyone ever again,” he said.

Remember that the last North American C-17 plane took off on Monday from Kabul airport, at 20:29 in Lisbon. The Taliban today secured full control of Kabul’s international airport and spoke of a “lesson” for the world.

Source: with agencies

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