Afghanistan: Taliban parade with American equipment and demand a “lesson” for the world

The Taliban assured this Tuesday, full control of the international airport in Kabul. The leaders of the Islamic extremist movement say they gave a “lesson” to the world after the last US plane took off, marking the end of 20 years of war, the longest in the United States. In a symbolic action, the Taliban walked down the airport runway dressed in American military uniform, marking victory, flanked by fighters from the elite unit of the Badri rebels.

“The world must have learned its lesson and now is the time to enjoy the victory,” said Taliban spokesman Zabihullah Mujahid.

To the fighters, Mujahid said he hopes “they will be very cautious when dealing with the nation.” “Our nation has suffered war and invasion and the people have no more tolerance,” added the spokesman.

Later, speaking to Al-Jazeera at the airport runway, Mujahid said that “there will be security in Kabul and people shouldn’t worry.”

In another interview, this time on Afghan state television, the Taliban spokesman also referred to the resumption of operations at the airport, which remains an important outlet for those who want to leave the country.

“Our technical team will check the technical and logistical needs of the airport,” he explained. “If we are able to solve everything ourselves, then we will not need any help. If there is a need for technical or logistical help to repair the destruction, then we can ask for help from Qatar or Turkey,” he said.

Overnight, the Pentagon confirmed that the last American plane had departed Kabul, leaving thousands of Afghans in despair.

Navy General Frank McKenzie, the head of US Army Central Command, had previously claimed that troops “demilitarized” the system so that it could never be used again. In this sense, the US deactivated 27 armored vehicles and 73 planes.

According to other US officials, the troops did not blow up certain equipment to ensure they left the airport operational for future flights.

One of the images of the night is that of the last American soldier to leave Kabul, “ending the mission” in Afghanistan. According to the Department of Defense, the last soldier is Major General Chris Donahue.

Rockets in Kabul

The departure of American troops was celebrated with rockets in the capital of Afghanistan.

The Taliban also shot into the air as a form of celebration. The guards on duty kept onlookers and those who somehow still hoped to catch a flight out.

Source: With Agencies

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