At least 60 killed in Kabul, including 12 US military personnel

Among the several dozen casualties are a US Navy doctor and 11 Marines. There are also 140 wounded.

The Pentagon has just confirmed, at a press conference, that at least 12 US military personnel died this Thursday in the suicide bombings that took place near Kabul Airport, in Afghanistan. Another 15 US military personnel were injured.

“It’s a tough day,” General Kenneth McKenzie, head of Central Command, said at the press conference where he confirmed the killing of American soldiers.

During the same interference, the official revealed that the terrorists detonated with bombs outside the airport and that an armed attack followed.

The US now fears the attacks will continue. According to General Kenneth McKenzie, head of the press conference, there are other “extremely active” threats to the US in Kabul.

Two US military sources confirmed to AP today that 11 US marines (‘marines’) and a navy doctor were killed in this afternoon’s attack in Kabul.

A third explosion occurred today in Kabul, after the double attack that left dozens of people dead and injured outside the airport, where international forces are trying to evacuate thousands of foreign and Afghan citizens from Afghanistan.

The third explosion in the Afghan capital was heard by many local citizens and journalists, who soon shared it on social media, and it took place just hours after the double bomb attack at Kabul’s international airport, although for now there are no details on the magnitude of the new explosion.

The bomb attack took place at two different points: one, near a hotel in the Afghan capital, and the other, near one of the gates of the airport in Kabul, where thousands of Afghans gather trying to flee the country before the end of the airlift organized by the United States and its NATO partners.

There are several reports from various media on the update of the number of deaths and injuries, with the BBC, for example, quoting an official from the Ministry of Health of the Afghan government to say that the number of injuries is, at least. minus 140, and that there are at least 60 dead from the first two attacks of the afternoon.


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