Panshir is once again the bastion of resistance

Ahmad Massoud, son of commander Ahmed Shah Massoud, assassinated by al-Qaeda in 2001, has called on the United States to provide arms and ammunition for his militia in Afghanistan to resist the Taliban.

“America can still be a great arsenal for democracy” by supporting mujahideen fighters (God’s soldiers) “who are once again ready to face the Taliban,” Ahmad Massoud, quoted in The Washington Post, said. by the agency France-Presse (AFP), this Thursday.

Massoud said he finds himself in the Panshir Valley (Northeast) accompanied by Afghan army soldiers “disgusted by the surrender of their commanders” as well as former members of the Afghan special forces.

Ahmad Massoud’s father was a hero of the anti-Soviet resistance (1979-1989) who later fought the Taliban.

The so-called “Lion of the Panshir”, leader of the Northern Alliance, was assassinated by the al-Qaeda terrorist network on September 9, 2001, two days before the attacks on the Twin Towers in the United States, which claimed the lives of nearly three thousand people. and led to American military intervention in Afghanistan.

Ahmed Shah Massoud was elevated to the rank of a national hero in Afghanistan by a presidential decree in 2019.

Taliban forces regained power in Kabul following a military offensive that intensified after the start of the withdrawal of US forces in May. The withdrawal of foreign forces was negotiated in February 2020.

The Valley of the Resistant

Taliban rule does not include Panshir province, where Ahmad Massoud has appeared alongside Vice President Amrullah Saleh in images circulating on social media, appearing to lay the foundations for what would be a rebellion against the new regime.

This information was confirmed this Thursday by Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov, who called for talks to allow for a “representative government” in Afghanistan.

“The Taliban do not control the entire territory of Afghanistan. Information is coming in on the situation in the Panshir Valley, where the resistance forces of Vice President Saleh and Ahmad Massoud are concentrated,” Lavrov said at a press conference in Moscow.

In an article in The Washington Post, Ahmad Massoud said he believed Afghans and Americans had shared “ideas and struggles” for the past 20 years and urged the US to continue to support the “cause of freedom” in Afghanistan.

“We need more weapons, more ammunition, more equipment,” insisted Ahmad Massoud, asserting that the Taliban are a threat outside the country as well. “Under Taliban control, Afghanistan will undoubtedly become a base for radical terrorism,” he said.

Ahmad Massoud, who heads the political group Front de Resistance, had already published, on Monday, an article in the French magazine “La Règle du jeu”, founded by the writer Bernard-Henri Lévy, in which he appealed “to foreign friends” to support the country.

“My comrades-in-arms and I will give our blood, with all free Afghans who refuse serfdom. I appeal to you all to join us at the Panshir bastion, the last free region of our country, in agony,” he said then.

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