Women and children beaten and whipped trying to reach Kabul airport

There are reports that it is women and young people who are being the main targets of Taliban violence.

Images of a woman and child with head injuries and testimonies of assaults are reports arriving from the checkpoints set up by the Taliban on the road leading to Kabul airport.

British newspaper The Guardian reports that the Taliban are checking documents at these crossing points and sending some people back, preventing them from reaching the airport. Women and children will be beaten and even whipped.

The US security adviser is already familiar with these reports and adds that the Americans are trying to solve the problem, but admits that the access roads to the airport are an issue that changes hour by hour.

One of the young men trying to flee with his family tells France Press that the Taliban are forcing groups of teenagers to fight. Abdullah, 17, was taken hostage by the Taliban while on the street in Kunduz. He was assaulted, he still has marks and pain in his stomach. Like him, the Taliban took 30 to 40 young people, some as young as 14, out of a madrassa.

Parents were threatened with weapons when they tried to rescue their children.

Abdullah was forced to throw grenades, and, gun at the ready, was ordered to attack a police station. The Afghan youth recalls that three or four young people were hit and eventually died. Abdullah and his family managed to escape, but without taking anything. They even had to sell the food to get to Kabul after 15 hours of travel.

He confesses that he is terrified, but he always thought about his parents and what would happen to them if he died.

On Tuesday, the US withdrew 1100 US citizens from Kabul.

The UK hopes to evacuate 6,000 people, while Afghan Vice President Amurallah Saleh has made it known that he is still in the country and assured that he will not surrender to Taliban terrorists.

The vice president’s whereabouts are not known, but Saleh has already received several endorsements on the internet, presumably from government forces. There are indications that loyal military personnel is massing in Pajshir province in northeastern Afghanistan to create a resistance movement to the Taliban.

Boris Johnson, British Prime Minister, goes to Parliament this morning for a debate on the crisis in Afghanistan. On Tuesday night, Johnson spoke with US President Joe Biden. He revealed that the UK will receive 20,000 Afghan refugees over the next five years. Women, children and people who belong to religious minorities will have priority.

One of the Taliban’s founders and leaders, Mullah Ghani Baradar, arrived in Afghanistan tonight.

He landed in Kandahar, the second-largest city in the country, where he was greeted by a crowd, with applause and chants of celebration.

Source: with Agencies

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