In an incisive speech, the president of the United States refused to back down on the American exit from Afghanistan. The Democratic leader has declared that he will end “the longest war in America”.

The president of the United States of America (USA) reiterated this Monday the country’s intention to leave Afghanistan militarily.

In an incisive speech, no questions asked, the US head of state criticized Afghanistan’s political leaders and accused them of “giving up and leaving the country”.
“This week’s developments prove that US troops must neither fight nor die in a war that even Afghan forces are not willing to fight,” he said.


Joe Biden recalled that the US goal in Afghanistan was “to catch those responsible for 9/11” and ensure that al Qaeda “has no platform to attack again.”

“The intervention to defeat al Qaeda and kill bin Laden was a success. Changing the Afghan system was not. And I don’t believe it can ever be a success,” he pointed out.

The US president also said the country had never intended to “build a nation” or help create democracy in Afghanistan. “It was just preventing a terrorist attack in the US. Our policy must be counter-terrorist, not nation-building,” he reiterated.

Joe Biden also stressed that the US withdrawal came from an agreement signed by his predecessor, Donald Trump, with the Taliban forces and that this left him with two choices: “to comply with the agreement or escalate the conflict and return to fighting the Taliban”.

We either followed the deal or sent troops into the third decade of conflict. I fully stand by my decision. There is never a right time to withdraw military forces. That’s why we’re still there and planning all the scenarios,” he explained.

And that’s why the fourth president of the United States to have the conflict in hand has decided “not to hand over the responsibility to a fifth president.”

“I was in Afghanistan while the war was going on. I met people, talked to leaders, spent time with our troops, and realized what was and was not possible in Afghanistan. Now we are focused on what is possible,” said Joe Biden.

The president of the United States pointed out that, in the coming days, US forces will help transport “thousands of American citizens living and working in Afghanistan” out of the country.

The US head of state also indicated that “more than two thousand Afghans have already been evacuated to the US and there will still be more support for these refugees on the ground.”

When the transition of power ends and the evacuation of Americans and “Allied” and Afghan forces ends, the US “will complete the mission.”

“We’re going to end America’s longest war,” promised Joe Biden.

Source: with Agencies

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