British Defense Minister Blames Donald Trump for Afghanistan Crisis

Ben Wallace refers the context of the situation to the agreement signed by the US in February 2020, which provided for the complete withdrawal, in 14 months, of US troops.

The United Kingdom’s Defense Minister, Ben Wallace, blamed former US President Donald Trump for the chaos in Afghanistan this Monday, in an interview on the morning program of the British station “BBC”.

“The lot was cast when the deal was closed by Donald Trump,” said Ben Wallace, quoted by “Business Insider.”

In 2016, the fatigue of ‘endless wars’ was one of the factors that motivated the election of Trump as US president, as recalled by the “BBC”. If Trump had been re-elected, he would have withdrawn US troops more quickly than Joe Biden did, since in February 2020 the United States and the Taliban in Doha, Qatar, signed an agreement that provided for complete withdrawal within 14 months, of American troops.

President Joe Biden has broadly defended this agreement because he trusts Afghan forces and considers that the US cannot justify staying in the country after two decades.

According to Ben Wallace, “President Biden inherited momentum, which was given to the Taliban because they felt they had now won. He also inherited the troop withdrawal momentum of the international community.”

“In that sense, the seeds of what we are seeing today were sown before President Biden took office. The seeds was a peace deal that was [effectively] rushed, not done in proper collaboration with the international community, and then a dividend withdrawn with incredible speed.

The Taliban took over Kabul and declared a new government on Sunday after taking control of most of the country with unexpected speed due to the withdrawal of US forces after 20 years.

In turn, the former president asks for the resignation of Joe Biden. “First, Joe Biden surrendered to Covid-19 and came back with more strength. Then he surrendered to the Taliban, who quickly took control of Afghanistan and destroyed confidence in American power and influence. The outcome in Afghanistan, including the exit, would have been completely different under a Trump administration”, said Donald Trump, quoted by “Independent”.

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