Taliban claim they control 85% of Afghan territory
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Russia says it is militarily prepared to control the situation on the Afghan-Tajikistan border. Taliban representative guarantees that administrative centers in Kabul-controlled districts will not be taken by force.

The Taliban declared this Friday that they control 85% of the territory of Afghanistan, at a time when they are promoting an offensive against Kabul forces, but the rebel group’s claim has not yet been confirmed by any independent source.

At a press conference in Moscow, Shahabuddin Delawar, a representative of the Taliban, added that some 250 of the country’s 398 districts are now under insurgent control. “All administrations and hospitals continue to operate in this territory. We ensure that they continue their work”, he declared.

According to Shahabuddin Delawar, no agreement with Washington prevents insurgents from taking over administrative centers in districts that remain under Kabul’s control. He noted, however, that the Taliban would not “take by force” these cities.

Since the acceleration of the withdrawal of foreign forces in early May, the Taliban have captured parts of Afghan territory stretching from the Iranian border in the west to the border with China in the northeast. Earlier this week, 1,000 Afghan soldiers fled to Tajikistan after clashing with Taliban forces.

Delawar assured that the current withdrawal of US forces was the result of the Taliban’s struggle. ”.

On the other hand, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Russia declared this Friday that the Taliban control about two-thirds of the border between Afghanistan and Tajikistan, after an advance in the field in recent days.

“We highlight a huge increase in tension on the Afghan-Tajikistan border. In a short time, the Taliban have occupied most of the border districts and currently control about two-thirds of the border with Tajikistan,” said the spokeswoman for the Tajikistan Russian Ministry, Maria Zakharova.

“The Russian base 201 in Tajikistan is equipped with everything needed to help that Republic control the situation at the border (…) to prevent aggression or territorial provocations,” said Zakharova. The spokeswoman emphasized that Moscow and Dushambe are in permanent contact on the situation through diplomatic and military channels.

The Collective Security Treaty Organization (CSTO), a Russian-led post-Soviet military alliance, expressed on Thursday its willingness to send troops to Tajikistan if the situation worsens due to the Taliban’s advance towards the Tajik-Afghan border.

The CSTO confirmed that the Taliban currently have under their control virtually the entire border with Tajikistan, which is 1,344 kilometers long. Tajikistan, after an advance on the ground in recent days.

Source: with Agencies

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