At least seven ‘blue helmets’ wounded in Mali

The UN mission in Mali, Minusma, announced today that at least seven ‘blue helmets’ were injured following the detonation of an improvised explosive device when a vehicle passed by.

In a statement published on the Twitter platform, MINUSMA says that the explosion occurred during a patrol in the Mopti region, near Diallo, and the balance of seven wounded is still provisional.

Minusma does not mention the nationality of the injured elements.

Another tweet reports that the Minusma chief condemned “vehemently these cowardly acts, which aim to disrupt the operations” of the mission and its “important work for the benefit of the population”, accusing the perpetrators of indiscriminately targeting personnel United Nations, the Mali Defense, and Security Forces or innocent civilians.

MINUSMA, created in April 2013, employed, last April, 12,968 soldiers, 1,746 police officers, and 1,180 civilians of different nationalities, and it is currently the most dangerous operation in the world, with more than 200 victims.

In addition to Minusma and the French operation Barkhane, the G5-Sahel regional anti-terrorism military coalition also operates in Mali, which includes the Armies of Mali, Burkina Faso, Niger, Mauritania, and Chad.

The Malian state, in a transition process that saw two coups d’état in less than a year, does not control large areas of the country, in particular the center and north, where the central administration is absent and cannot respond effectively to the increase in the number attacks by ‘jihadist’ groups.

Source: with Agencies

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