Two drones are shot down at Iraqi military base with US military

The Iraqi army made the interception, no one took responsibility.

Two drones were shot down at the Iraqi military base of Ain al-Asad this Sunday (6.Jun.2021). The interception by the air defenses was carried out at 12:30 am local time.

The Iraqi army reported the drone shooting through its official Facebook profile. According to the Reuters news agency, no group has claimed responsibility for the drones.

The Ain al-Asad base houses US military personnel in Iraq. It is located in Al Anbar province, about 200 kilometers from Baghdad.

According to sources told Reuters, on Saturday (June 5), an area near Baghdad International Airport was also the target of attacks. The site is also home to US military personnel. No deaths or damage to the area were reported.

In May of this year, the Iraqi base Ain al-Asa was also attacked by drones. At the time, there were no injuries. The explosive device damaged the base hangar.

In January 2020, the same base was attacked by an Iranian bombing. The attack was an Iranian response to the death of General Qassem Soleimani, bombed by the United States on the order of then-President Donald Trump. At least 30 ballistic missiles were launched.

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