bandeira do estado americano de california

The co-founder of the ‘Calexit’ separatist movement, Louis J. Marinelli, believes it is possible to declare California an independent country if voters want it and a majority of other states consent to secession.

It is time for California to be an independent country and establish direct relations with Europe, Asia, and other continents,” said Marinelli, in an interview with Lusa.

“We are a distinct society and it is time for the world to recognize this”, he stressed.

Louis J. Marinelli is finalizing efforts to make his candidacy for governor of California official, as voters will soon be called upon to decide whether current Governor Gavin Newsom maintains the mandate or is revoked.

“My candidacy focuses on an idea, that of declaring California an independent country,” summed up Marinelli, who added: “People will understand that the founder of ‘Calexit’ is running for governor and a vote for him is a vote for independence”.

In legal terms, the Supreme Court in 1869 barred unilateral secession, but considered that it is possible “through a revolution or the consent of the states”. Louis Marinelli claims that the decision in this case, Texas ‘versus’ White, holds the key to California’s declaration of an independent country.

“We believe there are many states that will be able to accept that California leaves if it wants to,” he said.

“If you go to places like Texas, Kentucky, or Louisiana and ask what problems America has, people point to California,” he said.

The state’s progressive bent, where the Democratic Party controls the legislature and nearly every seat across California in the House of Representatives, has earned her pet hatreds in other parts of the country, which “doesn’t want California’s ideas to spread.”

“Republican America’s conservatives are always saying they want California to leave, to fall into the ocean,” Marinelli said.

“We didn’t think it would be very difficult to get 25 states’ consent to secession,” he noted.

After a few years of projecting a referendum on independence, the ‘Calexit’ campaign, embodied in the group Yes California, now sees in the decision on Gavin Newsom’s term an opportunity to bring the idea to a vote.

“We believe this will be the first time in history that Californians will have the opportunity to vote for independence,” said Marinelli, who presents himself as an anti-Washington, DC and anti-Sacramento candidate, where the capitol [legislative power] is located. of State.

“Our campaign is anti-Washington because we don’t want to live under the American flag anymore,” he said, adding that they also don’t support Sacramento because “California has to change course.”

Marinelli considered that there are several advantages to independence, one of the most immediate being the conservation of tax revenues within the state. With close to 40 million inhabitants and the sixth-largest economy in the world, California is the richest state, with a Gross Domestic Product (GDP) of 3.09 billion dollars (2.55 billion euros).

“Californians will come out of US military missions, they will stop subsidizing the US military budget and they will stop subsidizing other states in the country, many of which hate California,” he said.

“Typical residents of conservative America don’t like California. They are biting the hand that feeds them and literally because California provides so much of the food that feeds the rest of the country. We don’t appreciate that,” he accused.

As a result, he said, tax revenues will be used for items that are more important on California’s priority list, such as health, education, and infrastructure: “Independence opens the strings to this purse, so we can do whatever we want in California,” he said.

In addition, an independent country will be able to negotiate new, less complex and more advantageous trade agreements: “California provides so many different resources in the agricultural industry that I think many countries would be open to the idea of ​​negotiating directly with the supplier, rather than working with the supplier. intermediary in Washington, DC”

California supplies, for example, 80% of the almonds consumed worldwide.

‘Calexit’ started during Barack Obama’s presidency in 2015, inspired by the Scottish separatist movement, but gained visibility with the election of Donald Trump. However, the spectrum of Marinelli’s family and professional connections to Russia dampened the campaign, which is now being revived.

“We attract a lot of support from progressives because we defend progressive values, and we also have support from conservatives, who want Sacramento to change,” characterized Marinelli. In general, Yes California assumes itself as a center-left group.

Marinelli’s opportunity to run for governor came with the approval of an initiative to remove Gavin Newsom, a Democrat who took office in January 2019.

The challenge to Newsom grew during the pandemic and more than 1.7 million signatures were collected to remove him, something that will be decided by voters in a poll that has not yet been scheduled.

At that time, voters will be able to say yes or no to the removal and choose a candidate to replace him. The vote could cost 400 million dollars.

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