Heiress abandons legal fight to recover Pissarro work stolen by Nazis

When he located “La Bergère Rentrant des Moutons”, in a museum in Oklahoma, Léone-Noëlle Meyer accepted an agreement that stipulated the rotation of the work, every three years, between the United States and France. Although for years, she tried to annul that agreement, she has now announced that she will give up.

After several years of legal battle to try to recover a painting stolen by the Nazis from his adoptive parents, Léone-Noëlle Meyer announced this Tuesday that he has given up trying to prevent the agreement that forms the basis of the management of “La Bergère Rentrant des Moutons” ( Shepherdess bringing sheep), by Pisarro – the work alternates, every three years, between France and the United States.

Now 81, the French woman lost her parents and siblings in the concentration camp at Auschwitz, having stayed in an orphanage and was later adopted by Raoul Meyer at the age of seven. Pissarro’s work was one of several stolen by Nazi officers in southwest France in 1941. It was missing for a few years, but in 1951, it was located by Raoul Meyer in Switzerland, although he was unable to recover it because the court found that the crime had prescribed.

The painting ended up in the hands of an American private collector, who donated it in 2000 to the art museum at Fred Jones Junior University in Oklahoma, although it was on a list of stolen goods in France.

Source: with Agencies

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