Netanyahu threatens “full force” and prolonged campaign against Hamas
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The Israeli prime minister assured today that the military campaign against Hamas in the Gaza Strip, which has already killed dozens of civilians, will continue “with full force” and that it will take time to end.

In a statement on Israeli television, Benjamin Netanyahu said that Israel wants Hamas to “pay a high price” and argued that the goal is to “return peace, security and deterrence” after almost a week of fighting.

Early morning bombings razed three buildings and killed at least 42 people, in the deadliest attack since the campaign against Hamas began last Monday.

In five minutes, three buildings located on a central street in a residential area were destroyed. The Gaza Health Ministry said 16 women and 10 children were among the victims.

On Saturday, the Israeli armed forces claimed to have destroyed the home of Hamas chief Yahiyeh Sinwar in an attack on the city of Khan Younis in the southern Gaza Strip.

Among the targets destroyed by Israel are some of the largest residential and office buildings in Gaza, which the military claims have housed Hamas’ military infrastructure.

One of the destroyed buildings was home to delegations from the Associated Press news agency and the Arab television channel Al-Jazeera, among other media.

The escalation of violence was triggered in eastern Jerusalem last month when Palestinian protesters were involved in clashes with the police over police tactics employed during the month of Ramadan.

The center of the clashes was the Al-Aqsa mosque, a sensitive spot located in a location in Jerusalem that is sacred to Muslims and Jews.

On Monday, Hamas fired rockets over Israeli territory, triggering the military response over the territory where more than two million Palestinians live, the target of a blockade since the Islamist movement seized power.

Source: with Agencies

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