FARC confirm that they have eight Venezuelan military personnel in their possession
Colombia helicopter

The group says it wants to return members of Venezuelan special forces to their country of origin and they ask for the intervention of the International Red Cross.

The Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC) confirmed on Monday that they have eight Venezuelan military personnel in their possession.

The confirmation was made through a letter posted on the Internet and addressed to the International Red Cross, an organization they are asked to “establish the protocols and mechanisms necessary for them to be handed over” to the Venezuelan Government.

The document begins by explaining that “on multiple occasions, throughout the armed, social, economic and political conflict” the FARC have “appealed to the intermediary and good humanitarian offices” of the International Red Cross, “within the framework of international protocols”.

“On this occasion and it is known to you, since March 21 this year, offensive military actions against us have unfolded, which have been spreading in the region of the Bolivarian State of Apure (Venezuela)”, they underline.

According to the letter, “in these actions, on April 23, special forces from FANB [Bolivarian Armed Forces of Venezuela] landed, in which” the officers “Jhan Carlo Bemóns, Jonny Jaguay, F. Álvaro Junior Florez were captured as prisoners of war. , José António Ramos, Estiben José Aular, Luís Coba, Paul Hernández and José Torres “.

“We call on your good offices to establish the protocols and mechanisms necessary for them to be handed over to the commission designated in coordination with the United Nations, Mission to Support the Peace Process in Colombia and the Organization of American States,” explains the document of the FARC’s “General Staff Tenth Front Martín Vila”.

On April 28, the FANB stepped up operations in the state of Apure, in the southwest of the country, on the border with Colombia, to expel paramilitary groups that invade Venezuelan territory.

The announcement was made by the head of the FANB Strategic Operational Command, Remígio Ceballos, after Venezuelan authorities confirmed, that several soldiers died in combat with irregular Colombian groups in that Venezuelan location.

As of Apure, the army is developing “operations to combat and expel irregular groups, drug traffickers and Colombian terrorists (…) and we will continue to fight until we expel all,” said Ceballos, on the social network’s Twitter account.

The official added that “the security of the nation is the responsibility of the State and its defense of all Venezuelans”.

On April 27, Venezuelan authorities confirmed that several FANB officers died in combat with irregular groups in the state of Apure.

“The FANB report that in the past 72 hours there have been violent fighting with irregular Colombian armed groups in uninhabited sectors west of La Victória, Páez municipality in the state of Apure, as part of the Escudo Bolivariano 2021 operation, which started on March 21,” indicated, in a statement, the Venezuelan Defense Minister.

Vladimir Padrino López said that in these clashes “a significant number of victims” were inflicted on the groups mentioned, “achieving the destruction of temporary facilities that they intended to use for criminal activities”.

The minister indicated that “several individuals have been captured who reported valuable information for future actions”.

Without specifying the number of casualties, López said that some military personnel died, while autopsies were being carried out to identify the bodies, while “others were injured”.

Vladimir Padrino López stressed that “by precise orders” from the President of Venezuela, Nicolás Maduro, military operations will continue and be intensified in order to “neutralize any stronghold of these criminals (…) until their total expulsion and definitive defeat”.

Source: with Agencies

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