Syria: Eight pro-Iranian militiamen killed in attacks attributed to Israel
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Eight pro-Iranian militiamen, two Afghans and one Syrian died in Syria in airstrikes attributed to Israel on Wednesday, the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights (OSDH) reported today.

The OSDH said today that the attacks targeted Syrian regime “military positions” and allied pro-Iranian militias in Latakia and neighboring Hama province, including “arms and ammunition stores” in the mountainous area bordering the two provinces.

Israeli officials, who rarely confirm attacks on Syrian territory, did not comment on Wednesday’s attacks.

On the day of the attacks, the Syrian state media reported one dead and six wounded in airstrikes in the province of Latakia, in northwestern Syria, a stronghold of the President Bashar al-Assad family, according to France-Presse (AFP).

Since the start of the war in neighboring Syria in 2011, Israel has carried out hundreds of attacks on Syrian territory, targeting positions of the Assad regime, but also Iranian forces and the Lebanese Hezbollah movement, allies of Syrian power.

Israel has said it will not allow Syria to become the foothold of forces in the Islamic Republic of Iran, an enemy country of the Hebrew state.

Triggered in March 2011 by the crackdown on pro-democracy protests, the war in Syria caused more than 388,000 deaths.

Source: with Agencies

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