The United States accuses Russia of not wanting solution to conflict with Ukraine
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The head of US diplomacy today asked Russia to stop being aggressive towards Ukraine and accused Moscow of “not wanting to participate in resolving the conflict” in eastern Ukraine.

“We hope that Russia will stop dangerous and aggressive actions,” said Antony Blinken, during a meeting in Kyiv with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky, where they discussed Moscow’s recent deployment of a strong military device to the border between the two countries. two countries, which in the meantime is being withdrawn.

“We are aware that Russia has withdrawn some of the forces from its border with Ukraine. But we know that there are still significant forces and equipment there,” said the US Secretary of State, who promised to work with Ukraine to make this country ” defend itself against aggression “and accusing Moscow of” not wanting to participate in the resolution of the conflict “.

“Russia has the capacity to take aggressive actions in a short period of time,” explained Blinken, saying that the United States is following the situation “closely”.

The Ukrainian President said that the withdrawal of Russian troops from the border is proceeding “very slowly”, despite the Kremlin’s pledges to reduce the military device, announced on April 23, after weeks of escalating tension between the two countries.

“We believe that the reduction is taking place very slowly, which is why the threat may still exist,” said Zelensky.

For weeks, Moscow deployed tens of thousands of soldiers to the border area with Ukraine, claiming that it was just carrying out “military exercises” and explaining that it was the country’s prerogative to move its army as it wished, within its territory.

But Russian military movements attracted the attention and concern of Ukraine’s western allies, not least because the exercises were accompanied by a resurgence of violence in the conflict between Ukrainian forces and pro-Russian separatist movements in the east of the country and on the Crimean peninsula.

The United States, the European Union, and NATO have multiplied declarations of support for Kyiv in this conflict, but have failed to comply with the Ukrainian request to speed up this country’s entry into the Atlantic Alliance, which would be interpreted as a provocation on the part of Moscow.

Zelensky thanked his American guest for the support of the United States in the dispute with Russia, saying that it contributed a lot “to stop the escalation” of tensions.

Before meeting with Zelensky, Blinken had met with his Ukrainian counterpart, Dmitro Kuleba.

“It is relevant that my colleague and friend Antony Blinken makes his first visit to this part of Europe, in Ukraine,” wrote Kuleba in his Twitter account at the end of the meeting.

According to the Ukrainian Foreign Minister, “the strengthening of relations between Ukraine and the United States, as democratic allies in Central Europe and the Black Sea, is an important contribution to security and prosperity across the euro area.

Source: with Agencies

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