Argentina raises more than $ 2 billion in taxes on wealth

Argentina raised more than $ 2 billion with an extraordinary tax on wealth, paid by 80% of the people affected by this tax to pay for spending on the coronavirus pandemic, the government said on Monday (3).

The collection with this tax, promoted by the government of the center-left president Alberto Fernández, reached 223 billion pesos (about 2.222 billion dollars in the exchange rate of the day), informed the collection entity AFIP.

The head of AFIP, Mercedes Marcó del Pont, indicated that “the resources generated will be essential to face the health and economic emergencies imposed by the pandemic”.

About 3,000 defaulting persons are now subject to the entity’s control. Of that group, only about 200 resorted to judicial protection in order not to pay the amount.

Among those who refused to pay the tax are some of the country’s best-known tycoons and Boca Juniors player Carlos Tévez, who filed a lawsuit.

The so-called “Solidary Contribution” was approved in December by Congress with a rate of at least 2% on the assets of people exceeding 200 million pesos (about two million dollars), to be paid only once.

The percentages are being scaled as the equity increases until it establishes 3.5% for those over 3 billion pesos (30 million dollars), paid only once.

The destination of resources is divided between health expenses due to the pandemic, scholarships, and subsidies to support small businesses in crisis and their workers, among other purposes.

With a population of 45.4 million, Argentina has surpassed three million covid-19 infections, with more than 64,000 deaths.

Source: with Agencies

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