Inter Milan Italian Champion
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Inter Milan secured their 19th title as Italian football champion, with four games to go, given Atalanta’s draw at Sassuolo (1-1), against matchday 34.

One day after the 2-0 victory at the red lantern Crotone, Internazionale ended up on the ‘couch’ with a ‘drought’ that had lasted since 2009/10, when it reached the ‘Penta’ under the command of Portuguese coach José Mourinho , also champion in 2008/09.

The ‘Nerazzurri’s team, which went on to add 13 more points than Atalanta and AC Milan, with 12 to compete, isolated itself in second place in the ranking of Serie A winners, leaving behind rival AC Milan, with 18, the last in 2010/11, before nine in a row for Juventus, which totals 36.

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