US and NATO deliver military equipment to Afghanistan before withdrawal
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US forces’ equipment and facilities considered non-transferable will be dismantled by foreign forces before the withdrawal.

US and NATO forces will deliver $ 1 billion worth of military equipment and installations to Afghanistan over the four months of their withdrawal process, after nearly 20 years of fighting in the country.

“All current equipment that is transferable, valued at $ 1 billion [€ 827 million], will be handed over to Afghan security forces during the withdrawal phase,” Afghan national security adviser Hamdullah Mohib said at a conference. press in Kabul.

This transferable equipment agreement is part of negotiations with US and NATO forces (North Atlantic Treaty Organization), as part of the international coalition’s preparations to withdraw from the country in early September.

According to the advisor, the equipment and facilities of the US forces considered non-transferable will be dismantled by foreign forces before the withdrawal.

The Afghan Ministry of Defense said on Saturday it had assumed responsibility for all foreign bases in the country, except the large bases in Balkh province (North), the Bagram base in Parwan (East), and the NATO force base in Kabul.

“The US and NATO forces are currently active only in Mazar-e-Sharif [in Balkh], Bagram and Kabul. In all other areas, we assume responsibility and only small groups of foreign troops remain in these areas for coordination, ”Afghan Defense Minister General Yasin Zia told reporters.

According to him, in some areas, the facilities are being remodeled and others are being dismantled, because “it is not necessary to maintain them all”.

According to the plan, “the Bagram and Kabul bases will be the last to be handed over to Afghan forces,” he added.

According to Hamdullah Mohib, in the months ahead of the withdrawal, foreign forces will focus on training local troops to fill “technical gaps”, particularly the Afghan Air Force, which has 163 military planes.

The President of the USA, Joe Biden, announced a week ago the intention to remove the approximately 3500 American soldiers from Afghanistan, after analyzing for weeks the historic agreement reached between Washington and the Taliban, in February of last year, in Doha.

NATO allies will also withdraw their nearly 7,000 soldiers as of 1 May.

Portugal has 175 military personnel deployed in Afghanistan, on a NATO mission, who are due to begin withdrawing from that theater in June, as announced by the Government in a statement from the Ministries of Defense and Foreign Affairs.

“Portugal will adjust, in a coordinated way with the allies, the dimensioning of its participation, having decided to maintain the presence of the national Rapid Reaction Force in the protection of the International Airport in Kabul until the end of May, and to continue to contribute with elements of the General Staff in the mission command structures until the end of the Resolute Support mission, also continuing to contribute annually to the national army support fund and also continuing to contribute annually to the Afghan national army support fund until 2024 ”, said the statement.

Afghan forces are currently responsible for 96% of operations against the Taliban and the Afghan Government has ensured that its 350,000 police and soldiers are capable of defending the Taliban country on their own.

Source: with Agencies

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