Russia says it shot down 200 “terrorists” in Syria

The Russian army announced on Monday that it had killed “about 200 fighters” in an aerial bombardment of a base that housed “terrorists” northeast of the city of Palmira, Syria, where it acts in support of President Bashar Al-Assad.

After confirmation by various sources of the location of terrorist targets, the Russian Air Force carried out several attacks, resulting in the destruction of two shelters and the death of about 200 fighters, “said the Russian Ministry of Defense in a statement released on the social network Facebook.

The 10-year-old Syrian war caused at least 388,652 deaths and more than 11 million displaced persons and refugees.

In the statement released today, the Russian Ministry of Defense said that the bombings had destroyed “24 pick-up trucks equipped with heavy machine guns and about 500 kilograms of ammunition and components for the manufacture of improvised explosives”.

Without specifying the terrorist group affected or the date of the attack, the Ministry said that the target was a “camouflaged base” of the “terrorist groups” used to prepare for bomb attacks and that they would aim to destabilize the country before the presidential elections in May 26th.

The province of Idlib (northwest) is the last bastion of rebel and ‘jihadist’ groups in Syria, is controlled mainly by Hayat Tahrir al-Sham, a former Syrian branch of al-Qaida.

Syrian President Bashar Al-Assad has enjoyed large-scale Russian military support since 2015, allowing him to recapture lost territories for rebel forces.

Syrian Parliament President Hammouda Sabagh announced last weekend that presidential elections will be held on May 26, the second since the beginning of the war.

Due to attacks by insurgents and until the situation stabilizes, Russia and Turkey closed three checkpoints in Syria, two in Idlib and one in Aleppo as of the end of March.

The Russian Ministry of Defense had to deal with the Saraqeb and Miznas posts in Idlib and Abu Azeidin in Aleppo.

The non-governmental organization (NGO) Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said last week that Russian troops, allies of Syrian President Bashar Al Assad, began to withdraw from two military bases in a region controlled by Kurdish forces, very close to the place where Turkish troops are stationed.

According to a statement from this organization based in the United Kingdom, which has a wide network of partners on the ground, several military columns from Moscow were seen leaving the Tal Rifat and Ashtar bases in rural Aleppo, towards the homonymous capital of that region.

The small region of Shahba, close to the border with Turkey, which has Tal Rifat as its administrative center, is controlled by Kurdish forces and is home to a large number of displaced people who fled the neighboring Afrin region when it was taken over by Ankara and the militias, allies since 2018.

The Turkish Ministry of Defense this month announced the death of two of its soldiers in that region, after clashes with Kurdish forces.

Ankara considers that force to be a terrorist, comparing it to the Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK), a Kurdish guerrilla group in Turkey.

In recent weeks, clashes between Turkish and Kurdish troops have intensified in several villages in the countryside in northern Aleppo.

Source: with Agencies

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