Ukrainian Armed Forces Initiate Maneuvers in Crimea
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The Ukrainian Army is carrying out maneuvers with tanks and artillery in the regions neighboring the Crimean Peninsula illegally annexed in 2014 by Russia.

“Tanks and artillery units under the orders of the Joint Forces Command of Ukraine are training combat conditions,” said Ukrainian Lieutenant General Serguei Nayev, quoted in a note posted on Facebook.

The Ukrainian Armed Forces, which did not report on the number of military personnel involved, said that artillery and tanks were carrying out missions “along the border with the temporarily occupied territory of Crimea” with the aim of “halting an enemy offensive. virtual”.

Ukrainian military exercises coincide with the considerable increase in the presence of Russian forces at the borderline.

Moscow has already reported that this is a response to the “threatening activities” of the Atlantic Alliance in the region.

According to the press office of the Ukrainian presidency, some 80,000 Russian soldiers have been deployed to the border with Ukraine and Crimea.

The chief of staff of Ukraine, Ruslan Jomchak, indicates that it is the presence of about 50 thousand Russian soldiers.

Source: Agencies

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