David Fonseca edited a tribute album to David Bowie

bowie david fonseca foto de filipe ferreira vers x acf cropped

The musician David Fonseca edit, “Bowie70”, an album in honor of David Bowie, in which he interprets, with the help of several guests, themes of the British author, who died in 2016. “Bowie70” – a title that alludes to Davie’s 70 years Bowie – gathers songs by the British musician that David Fonseca revisited with new arrangements and playing all the instruments, leaving the vocal interpretation for more than a dozen guests. Among them are Portuguese musicians Rui Reininho, Camané, Aurea, António Zambujo, Márcia and Rita Redshoes.

David Bowie died in January 2016, days after he turned 69, and released the album “Blackstar”. It is from this record that David Fonseca chooses the theme “Lazarus”, which he interprets in the closing of “Bowie70”.

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