Iran announces Israeli spy detention

Local intelligence services announced that “an Israeli spy and several others linked to the security services of several countries have been detained in eastern Azerbaijan”.

Iran’s Ministry of Information announced on Monday the arrest of several people it accused of spies, one of whom was at the service of Israel, coinciding with growing tension in recent months between the two countries.

According to the local intelligence department, the detections took place in the Iranian province of Eastern Azerbaijan (northwest of the country), but details on the number of detainees or their nationalities were not provided.

The department was limited to pointing out that “an Israeli spy and several others linked to the security services of several countries were detained in eastern Azerbaijan”.

In August 2020, elements of the Iranian intelligence services identified and detained five teams of spies associated with foreign secret services.

A month earlier an Iranian citizen was executed in the country, sentenced to death after being accused of spying for the American CIA and Mossad, the Israeli secret services.

Iran accuses Israel, a country it does not recognize, of promoting acts of destabilization and sabotage in its territory, and of involvement in the murder of nuclear scientists.

The latest attack targeted prominent Iranian scientist Mohsen Fajrizadeh, who was killed in an ambush last November near Tehran and with Islamic Republic officials holding Israel accountable, who neither confirmed nor denied the charge.

Israel has in turn denounced the existence of an atomic weapons program developed by Tehran, in addition to remaining a strong opponent to the nuclear agreement reached between Tehran and six international powers in 2015, which is currently very weak.

Source: with Agencies

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