Mars is not dead, there have been two ‘considerable earthquakes’
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Mars is still an immensely unknown planet, despite having been populated by human machines for several years. Its arid appearance suggests a finished world, it was once rich in essential resources for life. However, NASA announced that InSight, which analyzes Martian geological activity, recently recorded “two strong and clear earthquakes”.

These events show that there is a seismically active area on Mars – a place that looks dry and devoid of life on its surface but may be active underground.

Mars is not dead

NASA made it known on Thursday that its InSight probe recorded “two strong and clear earthquakes” in the same region where the probe previously observed two considerable earthquakes in 2019.

The 3.3 and 3.1 magnitude tremors originated in a region called Cerberus Fossae, further supporting the idea that this location is seismically active.

NASA wrote. The new earthquakes took place on 7 and 18 March.

According to the special agency, these are considered relatively mild earthquakes on Earth, but they are definitely noises that people can feel, depending on how close they are and the depth of the earthquake.

The site, Cerberus Fossae, is an area on Mars with steep valleys that cut across a landscape of ancient volcanic plains. There is evidence of landslides here, with stones perhaps displaced by the recurring quakes.

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