Jordan’s ex-crown prince was placed under house arrest
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Former Jordanian Crown Prince Hamzah bin Hussein said in a video sent to the BBC on Saturday that he was placed under house arrest by the Jordanian authorities and accused the country’s leadership of corruption and incompetence.

In the recorded statement, the half-brother of King Abdullah II of Jordan claimed that the military chief informed him on Saturday that he was not allowed to leave the house or speak or meet anyone.

Hamzah said he was left without security and that his phone was hacked and that he was talking over the internet via satellite, a service that he hoped would also be taken from him.

British BBC radio said it received the video through Hamzah’s lawyer.

In the same statement, Hamzah bin Hussein said that he was informed that he was being punished for participating in meetings at which the king was criticized.

The military chief, Hamzah, denied any responsibility for the “collapse of governance, for the corruption and incompetence that have prevailed in the structure of the Government in the last 15 to 20 years”.

“I am not responsible for the lack of faith that people have in their institutions”, he stressed.

The half-brother of King Abdullah II of Jordan was urged to “stop some movements and activities that are being used to achieve Jordan’s security and stability,” the country’s top general said on Saturday as authorities announced the arrests. of former high officials close to the ruling monarchy.

The army chief of staff, General Yousef Huneiti, denied that Hamzah was arrested.

The official Jordanian news agency announced on Saturday that authorities had detained a member of the royal family, a former aide to the Jordanian king, and an undetermined number of people, as part of a detention campaign “for security reasons”, it announced.

According to Petra, Bassem Awadallah, a former aide to King Abdullah II and a former finance minister, was detained on Saturday along with Sharif Hasan bin Zaid, a member of the royal family, “for security reasons”.

The two are among an undetermined number of detainees, the agency added, citing a source from the security services.

Al Arabiya channel said the arrests included “close people” to former Crown Prince Hamzah bin Hussein.

Source: with Agencies

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