Perseverance found a strange rock on Mars

NASA now has highly technological equipment on the ground of Mars with more mobility and, above all, with “other eyes”. After the Perseverance rover landed successfully on Mars last February, the machine has been testing its devices, but without losing focus on what got it there. Soon he will drop the Ingenuity helicopter that will give a new dimension to Martian exploration. However, the rover has been “looking around” and it was then that it discovered something curious.

One rock in particular caught Perseverance’s attention, and NASA says its scientists are intrigued by the aspect and still don’t have an answer.

NASA Rover discovers a strange stone
The image was captured at the end of March and has a glazed, perforated appearance and, where it is located, has no apparent relationship with the soil. As we can see in a tweet published by Perseverance’s official Twitter account, NASA reveals that it fired a laser at the stone to try to understand more about the rock.

In that same tweet, the space agency challenges Internet users to make guesses about what the rock will be and where it will come from.

Perseverance captures incredibly sharp photos
In the photo, which has fantastic quality thanks to the high-resolution cameras embedded in Perseverance, we can see the rock on the Martian soil. The color of the soil in the photo ranges from a light-dark brown to a light bronze, with smaller rocks scattered around the larger object. The holes in the rock are covered with dust that spreads over the planet’s surface all year round, but none of this helps to explain its origins.

While the helicopter is getting ready, I can’t help but check the nearby rocks. This strange [body] has my science team negotiating many hypotheses. It is about 15 cm long. If you look closely, you can see the line of laser marks where I hit it to find out more.

Says the tweet of the rover, which speaks in the first person.

These laser marks are visible in the middle of the rock near the right side of the photo. A series of small dots can be seen if we zoom in. As mentioned, these artificial marks, resulting from the laser shot that the rover made, are used to try to find evidence of their composition.

The rock looks quite smooth and even shiny in many areas, despite the fact that it was dusty from the dust that exists on the planet’s surface. In response to the tweet, NASA says it has some theories.

The team formulated many different hypotheses – is it something that came out of the local rock? Is it a piece of Mars launched in the area of an extensive impact event? Is it a meteorite? Or something else ?

Although it is still taking its first steps on the red planet, this rover will help NASA find many other study reasons that will surprise us.

Follow and rover epic on the lands of Mars

For fans of space exploration, they are always indications that there is much on the planet that is still unknown and that it may reveal a reality contrary to that which is actually thought to exist there.

The American space agency currently has several robots at the service, but Perseverance is the most evolved and with the latest technology.

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