F1: Hamilton wins in Bahrain
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Formula World season started very emotionally

Balanced as it has not been seen for a long time, the season in Formula 1 could not have started in the best way: in an epic duel between Lewis Hamilton and Max Verstappen, he won the Mercedes driver in Bahrain, starting the year in the best way.

Verstappen had even started from pole position, his Red Bull was in the lead with a few laps to go, but he finished second. Lewis’s colleague Valtteri Bottas at Mercedes closes the podium.

Hamilton and Verstappen alternated in the lead for much of the race, thanks largely to the strategic stops of the respective teams in the pits, until the last laps, when the young driver from the Netherlands approached the Briton.

On lap 53 – out of a total of 56 – Verstappen managed the long-awaited overtaking but was allowed to overtake a few seconds later by Hamilton again – as indicated by the race control committee, since Max had crossed the track limits minutes before – and the Mercedes man ended up guaranteeing the lead until the end – but always with the two drivers glued to the end.

Sergio Pérez, making his debut for Red Bull, also had an excellent race, as he had to leave the pits at the start, due to an engine problem, and finished fifth, behind Lando Norris, from McLaren, and ahead of Monegasque Charles Leclerc, Ferrari driver who confirmed the improvement of the mythical scuderia car for this season.

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