China could invade Taiwan in the next six years, warns US Admiral
admiral philip davidson march

China has a declared ambition to become the main military power in the Pacific Ocean. And for that it can invade Taiwan over the next six years. The alert is from US Admiral Philip Davidson, head of the Indo-Pacific Military Command.

“I fear that they are accelerating the plan to overtake the United States (…) by 2050,” said Davidson before a US Senate committee. “I’m afraid that they want to reach that goal sooner than expected.”

In order to realize this ambition, the Admiral has no doubt that “Taiwan is part” of the plan. “I think the threat is evident in the next decade, in fact, in the next six years,” that is, until 2027, he said.

Despite the fact that since 1979, in a joint statement signed with China, the United States has recognized Beijing’s sovereignty over Taiwan, the Americans continue to be a strong ally of this territory as the first arms supplier.

China considers Taiwan a province and threatens to forcibly retake it in the event of a formal proclamation of independence or foreign intervention.

Since taking control of Honk Kong, Beijing has also turned the compass to Taiwan, with several displays of strength in trying to prevent, for example, navigation in the Taiwan Strait, which separates the two territories.

Admiral Davidson warned the Senate that China has territorial ambitions in the South China Sea, in the East China Sea, also posing a threat to the American island of Guam, in the Pacific. “Guam is a target today,” he said, recalling that the Chinese military released a video last year that showed Chinese pilots attacking a military base on the island.

For this reason, the Admiral asked the Senate to approve the installation in Guam of a state-of-the-art Aegis Ashore anti-missile battery, capable of intercepting Chinese missiles in flight.

Guam “must be defended and must be prepared for the threats to come, because it is clear to me that Guam is no longer just a place where we think we can fight,” he added. “We are going to have to fight for her.”

This senior US military official also requested three Aegis missile defense systems for Australia and Japan, and an increase in the military budget of 2022 for offensive armaments “so that China knows that the cost of what they are trying to do is too high and make them doubt their chances of success “.

Source: with Agencies

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