Pentagon and Espionage escape public UFO report
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The Pentagon, the Intelligence Services, and some military agencies are blocking or simply ignoring efforts to catalog their files on unidentified flying objects (UFOs), designed to produce a final public report that would be presented to Congress, reveals Politico.

The task force in charge of the Senate to evaluate this matter complains of “the reluctance or even absolute resistance” on the part of the Armed Forces and the espionage institutions to present videos, images, documents, and confidential testimonies about the UFO sighting.


“Just the spiral of bureaucracy that Congress has to go through to access these documents is itself an ordeal in itself,” commented Christopher Mellon, a former Pentagon intelligence officer and one of the main lobbyists who demand that Congress access these files, contacted by the Politico.

“I can guarantee that, for example, the Air Force has consistently refused to present UFO information to the Congressional task force that is dealing with this issue. It is disappointing, but we all knew it was going to be like that ”, revealed Mellon.

“The Senate Intelligence Services Commission asked the National Intelligence Services to work with the Department of Defense to provide a list of phenomena and facts related to sightings of unidentifiable flying objects by June 25,” he explains. the Washington Post.

The request was made in 2017 when US newspapers revealed that the Pentagon was investigating a series of unexplained air raids, described by the Air Force military as “autonomous, high-performance jet flights” captured by the ship’s chambers. of the US Navy.

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